Gorgeous cyberpunk adventure VirtuaVerse is out today

Cyberpunk enthusiasts are spoiled at the moment. Between Cloudpunk and the forthcoming Cyberpunk 2077, there’s a lot of purple fluorescent lighting to be excited about. Add VirtuaVerse to that list: it’s a lushly illustrated point and click adventure set in a grim (but wonderfully lit) future dystopia ruled by artificial intelligence.

Nathan is the protagonist. Unlike the majority of the population, he’s not tapped into a “permanently-integrated reality” – he’s slumming it in actual reality as a smuggler of illicit hacked technologies. When his girlfriend Jay goes missing he’s lead by the nose on an adventure that traverses “hardware graveyards, digital archaeology, tribes of cryptoshamans, and virtual reality debauchery.” All of those things are exciting to me.

Fraser was pretty enthusiastic about VirtuaVerse when it was announced last year. The good news is that it’s out now on Steam. Interestingly, the game is published by a metal record label which, among other things, has published a massive 24 LP Emperor boxset. 

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