Gothic 2 – Riisis Edition

Gothic 2 – Riisis Edition – Announcement and Teaser Trailer

I’m currently working on my Gothic 2 Mod. The so called “Riisis Edition” will be a Content Mod for Gothic 2.

I decided to upload a little Teaser for my Mod to gain a little bit of attention. I need Your idea’s so please leave a comment, interact with me and give me an idea of what you would like to see in a Gothic 2 Content Mod. Some things you miss since Release or features other Mod’s haven’t included.
I just want to make the game feel like it was back in the Day, but with more Lore-Friendly Content. Mostly new Items and Enemy’s, Completely New Ways to play the game and much more.

But for now enjoy my little Announcement Teaser:

[embedded content]

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