Grab yourself a Logitech peripheral bargain at Currys PC World

It’s not often you’ll find genuine bargains at the big box shifter that is Currys PC World, at least not ones that we gamers are generally interested in. But a couple of Logitech bundles have turned up that may well be worth your time, depending on the state of your peripherals. 

The first is a triple pack containg a mouse, keyboard and headset:

  • G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard (normally £45) 
  • G203 Prodigy Gaming Mouse (normally £32) 
  • G332 Gaming Headset (normally £50)

None of these components are going to be bothering the top of our guides for the best gaming mouse, best gaming keyboard or best gaming headset, but that doesn’t take away the usefullness or value on offer. Logitech makes great gaming gear, and even its more budget-oriented kit retains its reliable build quality and function.

If you’re building a budget system from scratch, or if your existing peripherals are so full of Wotsits dust that they no longer work properly, this is a decent pack. It’s not a bad kit to pick up if you simply want something as a backup option either. And given the headset alone usually retails for £50, it’s hard to see this as anything other than a bit of bargain.

Alternatively, and of more interest if you’ve got passable peripherals already, there is the Advanced set. It may only contain a keyboard and mouse, but these things are much higher quality and genuinely great gaming gear.

  • G512 SE Gaming Keyboard (usually £75) 
  • G502 SE Hero Optical Gaming Mouse (usually £60)

Both the keyboard and mouse are good in their own right (we reviewed the non-SE version of the mouse back in September 2018), and represent good value for money at the same time. Together they make for a great combo, and if you need one or the other, then this is pretty hard to beat.  

I’m rocking the G402 as I write this, and that mouse has lasted me since it was release brilliantly. I’ll admit that I’m tempted to pick this pack up, simply because it feels like less hassle than actually trying to clean my own keyboard and mouse.

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