Half-Life 2 Jurassic Park mod will now be standalone

Jurassic Life started its, um, life as a mod for Half-Life 2 set on Jurassic Park’s dinosaur getaway of Isla Nublar. The latest update from its team notes that Jurassic Life will now be a standalone game. As the ModDB description explains: “You won’t need HL2 at all for the game to work. We wish to let you know that JURASSIC LIFE now only requires SOURCE SDK 2013, which is free and obtainable on Steam.”

The training video above, with its de rigeur grainy VHS aesthetic, introduces the weapons, dinosaurs—sorry, animals—and also voice actors of Jurassic Life. It’s pretty fun hearing them do impersonations of the movie’s cast, though Jurassic Life apparently draws inspiration from the book as well as the movie for its locations. You’ll play as a park ranger Robert Muldoon, which means the guy whose job is to say “clever girl” and get messily devoured, though perhaps tranq darts and a cattle prod will swing the odds in your favor.

Will see later this year, when it’s planned for release. As the modders note in a disclaimer, “This is a non-profit fan-game that is not intended for commercial use” and they’re confident Universal won’t object on those grounds.

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