Halo Infinite is inviting all Insiders to its next test in two weeks Halo Infinite combat

Halo Infinite’s next technical test is two weeks away—and to make sure it can properly test massive PVP matches, 343 Industries is inviting all Insiders along for the ride.

With Infinite’s last test focussing squarely on bot Slayer matches, Infinite’s next flight will be our first proper look at PVP. There’ll be a variety of gametypes to test in 4v4 arenas (featuring a new map) and, more excitingly, our first taste of 12v12 Big Team Battles in Halo Infinite.

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To that end, community director Brian Jarrard notes that 343 need as many players as possible hitting Infinite, and will be inviting every registered Halo Insider as of September 13 into the test.

“We need everyone’s help, let’s see how hard we can push our services and infrastructure so things will fall down during the preview instead of in December,” Jarrard tweeted. “We urgently need as many Insiders signed up and ready to go by Sept. 13 since it takes a fair amount of time to work through all the other steps on our side.”

Wes and I quite enjoyed our time with the last technical test, and it’s convinced me that Halo Infinite could very well be something special. The caveat was that Halo for me has always been best enjoyed as a chaotic sandbox that tosses vehicles, weapons, equipment and wonky physics together. Bot Slayer might have been fun, but I won’t know how I truly feel about Infinite until I’ve got a few rounds of Big Team Battle under my belt. 

343 has also shown it’s very willing to take feedback from these tests to heart. Halo Infinite’s radar has already been reverted back to its old self, shield effects are getting a clarification pass, and the Needler’s audio will be retuned to sound more ‘crystallised’. We’ll be sure to post our thoughts on Halo Infinite’s next test, and who knows, maybe I can get the Banshee some cheeky buffs before Halo Infinite launches on December 8.

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