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Hemp is where fashion trends connect with planetary conservation. One of the main reasons for the fiber of history becoming the textile of tomorrow is that it can be produced with a smaller ecological footprint than other textiles.

A new clothing line called Drihp is emphasizing that value with a line of casual garments using hemp and proclaiming its importance for saving water, one of the Earth’s endangered resources.

Actress/philanthropist, Bella Thorne has now aligned with DRIHP while influencers Rachel Cook and model and social media personality, Jay Alvarrez  have come on board as Brand Ambassadors for the new environmentally-safe hemp line that officially launched Saturday, May 30, 2020. 

Founded to connect cloth, planet

DRIHP was founded by millennial entrepreneur, Luke Dandrea, who is also the founder of the revolutionary hemp flower, hemp seed and hemp crop insurance company, Clone Connect. DRIHP represents more than eco-friendly hemp apparel; DRIHP wants to be a movement/moment in history that Dandrea hopes will be a launching pad to help save the planet! 

drihp water fashion hemp fiber conservation textile style garment

Even its fashion shoots are done on beaches to stress the connection between Earth, water and what you wear.

With its multiple uses, Dandrea’s mission is to educate the consumer one product at a time on how industrial hemp is the game changing component in the science of global warming. One of the many uses of industrial hemp is textiles, which is what DRIHP is focused on. The fibers from the stalks of a hemp plant create eco-friendly hemp apparel and the H in DRIHP stands for Hemp. DRIHP textiles use 1/20 of the water that is required to grow and process traditional cotton fabrics.

Free hempen face masks for early clients

The new line will carry men and women’s clothing and accessories. DRIHP is currently giving away 20,0000 breathable and stylish hemp face masks to customers that go to the website and sign up.

When Dandrea wanted to build out the idea of launching the first major hemp apparel and accessories brand,  he approached Barrett Wissman, Chairman of IMG Artists and principal of the social media management firm Two Pillar Management to build out and manage the company as well as engage his higher end talent such as actress Bella Thorne and influencers Jay Alvarrez, and Rachel Cook to be the first ambassadors for the brand.  

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Stated Wissman, “It has been an honor to help build out a company that is not only launching a new, cutting-edge fashion brand, but one that is at the forefront of a new environmental movement.”

Thorne a long-time cannabis enthusiast is the co-founder of her own very successful  cannabis and CBD brand line called Forbidden Flowers (www.forbiddenflowers.com), which launched through Glass House Group in October 2019.  Understanding the history of hemp, she thought it was important to jump on aboard to this project to help educate her fans, etc. about the environmental benefits of hemp and clear up some of the misconceptions of placing hemp in the same category as cannabis.  

“It’s important for me to use my voice to spread the beauty and knowledge of this world.  It was mind blowing to find out that so many people when you discuss hemp put it in the same category as cannabis,” stated Thorne. 

About DRIHP (www.drihp.com): DRIHP is an industrial Hemp, environmentally safe apparel line founded in  2020 by entrepreneur Luke Dandrea (https://cloneconnect.org/) The H in DRIHP stands for Hemp and it’s called DRIHP because Hemp uses 1/20 of water compared to cotton to grow and process. In addition, a Hemp plant is the fastest CO2 to biomass conversion tool. In fact, one acre of Hemp produces more of the air we breathe than 25 acres of trees. Most products made from wood can be made from Hemp, which would reduce deforestation. DRIHP is more than apparel line… it is a CONCEPT of Life. It’s not about selling a shirt; it’s about educating that masses that Hemp can make for a better world When something is so new and or “reborn” such as Hemp, it requires those who understand to educate. DRIHP’s mission is to seek out people with impact who have an authentic passion for the movement to help educate the masses and save the planet! 


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