Hunter Spotlight

Hunter Spotlight



The hunter plays the ranged DPS role. His arsenal allows him to stay away from the enemy. His precision and dexterity unmatched by any other class. The hunter has the highest dexterity gain in the game, allowing it to boost his damage.

Class Ability (Passive) – Double Time!

A 10% chance to activate double time, which allows the hunter to shoot two arrows at once. Damage is reduced to 75% it’s usual damage while activated.

Left Click

A Hunter uses a bow to deal projectile damage.

Right Click – Jump Back

Upon using right click, the hunter jumps back 1250 units. If the hunter lands before 1.8 seconds, he gains an additional 225% movement speed which lasts that duration.

Damage: 0

Stamina cost: 50

Cooldown: 14

Ability 1 – Ice Arrow

Upon pressing, the hunter fires an icy arrow towards the enemies location, slowing down their movement by 10 each hit. While the enemy is hit by another ice arrow, it stacks on them, furthering their movement slow. When the enemy comes to a complete stand still they freeze for 1.5 seconds and take 200% magical damage. When unfreezing, all stacks are removed and the enemy is back to it’s normal speed. Stacks are reduced every 6 seconds if not hit by another ice arrow.

Note: Ranged enemies are struck by a stun every hit and take 20% magical damage when received, instead of 200%. They do not receive additional stacks.

Arrow Damage: 0

Frozen Damage: 200% magical damage (melee) / 20% magical damage (ranged)

Mana cost: 15

Cooldown: 3

Ability 2 – Frozen Missile

A cold missile that tightens the bones of those it hits. When struck by this missile, melee enemies get their movement slowed by 50% for 4 seconds and ranged enemies get their attack speed reduced by 30% for the same duration.

Damage: 150% magical damage

Mana cost: 55

Cooldown: 16

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