HyperX launches an affordable and compact USB microphone for streamers HyperX SoloCast

Several of the best microphones for streaming run north of $100, like the Blue Yeti X ($170) and Elgato Wave 3 ($160). And on the flip side, there are also a few budget-friendly options, a category HyperX’s new SoloCast falls into with a $60 MSRP.

Typically speaking, microphones in this price range offer streamers something better than what might be found in the clearance bin at K-Mart, with fewer luxuries than what the $150-ish models offer. And that’s the hope with the SoloCast.

We have not tested this one yet, but on paper at least, it looks like a promising mic for the money.

Plug-and-play is the name of the game here—it’s a USB micrphone that works with PC, Mac, and PS4 (it ships with a USB-C to USB-A cable). It’s also certified by Discord and TeamSpeak, and purported to work fine with popular streaming platforms like OBS and XSplit.

Some specs at a glance:

  • Power supply—5V/100mA (USB)
  • Working current—47mA
  • USB Spec—USB 2.0
  • Sampling rates—48kHz, 44.1kHz, 32kHz, 16kHz, 8kHz
  • Bit-depth—16-bit
  • Element—electret condenser
  • Directivity pattern—cardiod
  • Frequency response—20Hz-20kHz

Higher end (and pricier) mics generally offer more polar patterns, such as stereo, omidirectional, and bidirectional. However, for solo streaming and podcasts, cardiod is usually the best option anyway, as it captures sound from right in front.

Having just one polar pattern also allows for a more compact design.

“SoloCast’s small size and rotatable stand with adjustable tilt positions gives it the ability to fit in small or tight places, such as under a monitor. The included mount adapter fits both 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch thread sizes and is compatible with most stands and boom arms,” HyperX explains.

The adjustable stand is a nice touch on a budget microphone. It also has a tap-to-mute control on the top, with an LED status indicator on the front to let you know if you are broadcasting or not.

We also recommend waiting for reviews. But for those who want to take a leap of faith, the SoloCast is available now.

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