“I Always Wanted to Create” — Chiefs DE Frank Clark Launches Fashion Brand – Sports Illustrated

“I buy racks now because I don’t have enough closet space to support my wardrobe,” Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark told reporters on Wednesday. “If I bought a $10 million house, the closet probably wouldn’t be big enough to support my wardrobe.”

Now, Clark is expanding his love of fashion to a new form: making it.

In his new off-the-field project, he sixth-year NFL veteran is creating his own clothing line, “Label 5,” as he dives deeper into a non-football passion.

“It’s just basically like I had to find something I really enjoyed doing, not really find something but really go in pursuit of it,” Clark said. “I’ve always loved fashion, I always love my dressing and I love shoes, I love everything related to fashion, but I never really wanted to buy stuff. I always wanted to create.”

Clark’s social media use has been silent for the most part since the end of February. Portions of his minimal use have been dedicated to promoting Label 5.

The brand has not been launched yet, but creation has been underway for over two years. Clark doesn’t consider the project to be for-profit merchandise. He wants to solve a problem.

“I always wanted to do something more than going to the store and pick up something that I thought looked cool,” Clark said. “Then I knew eventually, honestly, I get to the point that I don’t like any of this stuff in the store. Honestly, I got to the point where I did that so many times that I was like ‘nah, I can just create my own stuff,’ I got my whole wardrobe.”

Clark plans for the unisex inventory to include workwear uniforms, contemporary clothing and everyday sweats for adults of all sizes. He’s aiming to reach each member of his target audience.

“I want to do something for everyone,” Clark said. “I think that’ what my line is going to consist of, something for everyone.”

Clark isn’t sticking to just clothing design, based on a tweet teasing a 1968 Shelby GT500 restored under the Label 5 brand on Wednesday.

He debuted a sweatpant design four minutes later before signing off.

Details on when and where Label 5 will be available have not been released. Clark will continue to provide updates on the brand through Twitter. 


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