Ignoble Chapter 2 Open Beta!

Ignoble Chapter 2 is a mod for Doom 2 that continues and expands the world of my mod Ignoble! This Open Beta is the FULL GAME!

Chapter 2 Logo

I am labeling this as Beta, but there should be few to minimal bugs/glitches. Please let me know if you encounter anything while playing!

Screenshot Doom 20200514 161124

This version also includes the entirety of Chapter 1 in the same WAD file, so anyone who has not played it can play both! Both campaigns can be selected from the main menu!

Screenshot Doom 20200514 160325

Also included is a boss rush mode and score attack, also at the main menu! And hidden within Chapter 1’s starting area is a new challenge awaiting those who can find it…!

Screenshot Doom 20200514 160411

This mod requires GZDOOM and Doom 2.

If you find any bugs, glitches or other, please let me know!

Thanks for playing!



Ignoble Chapter 2 Open Beta! (CURRENT)

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