First of all a sorry to all who are eagerly waiting for the new version, … the waiting has paid off and there are now 2 new weapons.

Triks Morita_Sniper from the 2012 Movie, since it’s officially just called “Morita SniperRifle XXX”, I think it should get a more technical name, so here in the mod I call it “MSR12”.
M = Morita
S = Sniper
R = Rifle
12 = based on 2012

Screenshot Doom 20200626 000023

And now a new weapon, since Starship Troops only has light machine guns as projectile weapons, I thought it would be a nice addition:
The “MG162” based on the old equipment used in the 1997 movie, which is based on a M60 machine gun. However, rejected, and since the UCF is a “funny” militaristic company through and through, the reference to the MG42 fits quite well (modified template of Killzone 2 Scylla).

Screenshot Doom 20200625 235644

How did the number “162” come about … originally by “m60 + mg42 = mmg102” … 102 the M60 and the MG42 can’t be matched, so just change the front and the back number and you’re done. 😀

Oh, also Items are added bit by bit now.

Screenshot Doom 20200625 235332

And for all those who like to play with VR, I have now made a few small automatic adjustments.

Last but not least, to calm down the troubled ones, the release of v1.4 will be accompanied by the promised…
weapons and monsters standalones.

That much is said/written first.

Translated with (free version)

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