Indianapolis fashion designer creating face masks during pandemic – WRTV Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis fashion designer has halted production on her collection of designer dresses to instead make face masks. The handmade masks are being requested all over the world.

This time of year fashion designer Codi Banks would normally be creating her spring collection but the novel coronavirus has put that on hold. The Indianapolis designer has shifted her work to making face masks.

“Normally I would be doing prom dresses and I had a lot lined up but they all got canceled because of COVID-19,” Banks said. “I have a lot of weddings, well had a lot of weddings, but they all got postponed until next year.”

With personal protective gear in high demand across the globe, Banks added the custom face masks to her line of Witty by Codi creations.

“Well everybody has been asking me to make them and I was like OK and I need to help. It’s a need in America right now,” Banks said. “So that was my biggest thing, I need to help.”

After putting out the call for orders online, requests quickly came from all over the U.S., even other countries, with some customers ordering in bulk.

“My bigger orders are people who are wanting to donate these masks to hospitals so I’ve had several people order 25 or 80 or 100,” Banks said.

The masks are reversible and come with a slot for a filter inside. For Banks, making these masks has become a family affair with everyone from her mother-in-law to aunts, husband and even little sister pitching in to help.

“Whenever the need is over that’s when I’ll go back to dresses and I’ll throw some dresses in there because I can’t lose my craft,” Banks said. “But I think it is very important for people to stay healthy and for people who are not healthy to protect themselves as well.”


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