Indie Game Dev week 13

We’ve definitely improved quite a lot since the last two weeks,we made a few ajustment to our tutorial level, and have a solid level 2 design development.


– From an empty almost dead looking scenario

rock diff

to a now more energetic and green looking world, it’s still not finished yet,

unknown 1unknown

Level 2:

– To our second level, we wanted to make the level itself ressemble a traditional japanese garden.

1200px Bridge to Eden

Main Reference to our level

1st week:




Current State:


We’ll now focus on filing the world with props, particles and fog, to create some depth in our soon to be full of life japanese world.

Thank you sincerely for reading this quick update, see ya next week for exclusive details on our third, yet to be anounced level 😀

Team Half-Dream.

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