Intel’s Core i7-9700K is cheaper than ever at Best Buy right now

If you’ve been planning on giving your desktop a CPU-shaped shot in the arm, then get thee to Best Buy, where three of Intel’s excellent 9th Gen Coffee Lake processors have been reduced to some all-time lows, including the Core i7-9700K and the Core i9-9900K.

The biggest saving is on the Intel Core i7-9700K which gets a $50 price cut, dropping from $380 to $330. That’s handy, as Katharine describes it as “the best gaming CPU money can buy” in our best gaming CPU guide. You’ll probably want liquid cooling if you want to experiment with overclocking, mind.

A slightly smaller saving is had by the even better Intel Core i9-9900K processor, which drops $40 to $490. How can it be better than “the best gaming CPU money can buy”? Well, it’s simply about value. Performance wise, the difference didn’t justify the whopping price increase when the piece was written – though you may choose to disagree when there’s a $40 discount involved.

Finally, the Intel Core i5-9600K gets a $25 discount, falling from $230 to $205. It’s a great processor, with Katharine calling it “best Intel CPU for mid-range gaming PCs”, but Best Buy don’t actually have the best price right now. Instead, get it from Newegg, where it’s $190 with the promo code SAVE96K. Or I guess you could see if Best Buy’s “Price Match Guarantee” is worth the HTML it’s written in.

Of course, there’s an elephant in the room here: Intel’s 10th Gen Comet Lake CPUs are just around the corner, and it’d be something of a first for technology if they were actually worse than what you can buy now.

Still, it’s not like the current generation chips will perform any worse just because there’s more expensive competition around. If you want better performance today, then any of the 9th Gen chips will see you right for the foreseeable future.

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