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Seven Kingdoms: Mud and Ash is a free total conversion modification for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Made by the creators of Seven Kingdoms: Total War and Rise of Mordor, our goal is to create a realistic, open-world, story-driven campaign set in the Riverlands during the War of the Five Kings.

We are still in early stages of development and currently focusing on 3d assets (characters, environment art, etc.). Regular updates are posted on our Twitter account and our Discord channel.

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Lannister General

Q: Who is developing the mod?
BM (the creator of Seven Kingdoms: Total War) and Enpremi (developer of Rise of Mordor). We both have years of experience in 3d art, modding and game design, and share a passion for recreating the rich world of Game of Thrones.

Q: When does the mod take place? Where?
A: Seven Kingdoms: Mud and Ash follows events in the Riverlands during the War of the Five Kings (before the Red Wedding). The playable area is roughly the same dimension as KC:D’s level, and covers an area stretching from Harrenhal in the south to Lord Harroway’s Town in the north.

Q: What is the plot and storyline?
We will be posting a detailed overview of our storyline in the future. For now, we can say that freedom of choice will be important and that players will be able to determine their own fate (whether that’s joining the Lannister army, the Northern army, or staying neutral/antagonistic towards both).

Q: What armies and houses will be featured?
A: There are three main factions in the mod — House Stark (the North), House Lannister (the Westerlands), along with the Brotherhood Without Banners (neutral). Minor houses and armies (e.g. House Bolton, House Tully) will be added to each of the three main factions.

Harrenhal Outskirts

Q: Are you following the events of the book, or the TV show?
We are following the TV show. However, we aren’t seeking to replicate specific events from the TV show (e.g. the Red Wedding) and won’t be adding any book content. Our goal is to portray the war and locations GOT cameras didn’t capture.

Q: Will you add familiar characters, like Robb Stark or Tywin Lannister?
A: Most likely, but they won’t be a central focus. We want to allow players to explore the world beyond the narrow, limited focus of the TV show. What was life like for villagers in Harrentown, or for a conscripted pikeman from Lannisport guarding the ruins of Harrenhal? Some characters central to the storyline, like the Mountain, will certainly be added.

Q: Will there be playable quests?
A: Yes, but not as dynamic or lengthy as KC:D’s quest structure. It would take a fully-staffed studio years to make something rivaling KC:D. Randomly scripted events (e.g. ambushes, raids, travelers) will supplement quests and help create a rich, open-world environment. There will be a central storyline and plot, which will be announced and detailed at a later date.

Lannister Armor Variants

Q: Can I become a voice actor?
Not yet. We are still in the process of creating character and environment art. Once we begin scripting and creating quests, we’ll let the community know.

Q: When will the mod be released?
A: Not for some time. Total conversions are massive undertakings, and our goal is to keep the project properly scaled to avoid years of waiting. We post updates here regularly and will keep the community informed as we make progress.

Q: How can I follow progress?
At the top of this article are links to our Twitter account and Discord channel. Please follow us or feel free to chat with us!

Stark Soldier

Lannister Archer

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