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Jackie Aina took to Instagram this week to call out fashion companies that have remained “dead silent” about the struggles and issues facing the black community. The outspoken beauty and lifestyle YouTuber tagged three popular brands in her stories and accused them of failing to support the very culture from which they profit.

“There are a lot of brands who love capitalizing on black culture, black music, black aesthetic, but are dead silent when it comes to talking about black issues and black struggles in our community,” Aina said. “So just as much as y’all love hanging out with Ty Dolla Sign and Saweetie and Blac Chyna, can y’all at least say something when people are being brutally murdered by cops? Donate to the families affected by this stuff?”

“Revolve, PrettyLittleThing, Fashion Nova. The memes that you guys are posting on your pages are not gonna cut it,” she continued. “Like, do more. Don’t just be present when it’s time to be lit on the ‘gram.”

Aina went on to say she was calling out these three specific brands because they push a distinct aesthetic that is clearly influenced by elements of black life and culture. Aina then urged the brands to not only acknowledge, but also help combat the problems plaguing the African-American community.

“I know that, like, black people dying isn’t aesthetically pleasing for the feed,” she said. “I understand that. But I do feel like it’s the least that you can do. You can’t just take, pick, and choose the parts of our culture and not embrace all of it … Guys, I understand sometimes philanthropy does not have to be announced, but right now more than ever, considering how much influence these brands specifically have, it’s very important that you say and do something. Like it’s the least you can do.”

Following her comments, Aina took to Twitter to announce that some of the brands had viewed her stories, but not all of them had responded. She then told her followers she had a phone call with Fashion Nova’s CEO on Friday to discuss “an extensive course of action.”

Aina’s comments come amid nationwide protests over the killing of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who was killed during an arrest. On Friday, an ex-Minneapolis officer was arrested and charged with third-degree murder in connection to Floyd’s death. Demonstrators are now calling on authorities to charge the other three former officers who were involved in the incident.

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