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The John Bartram Chapter of the NSDAR will meet on May 21 at the Eisenhower Recreation Center. Registration will begin at 9:30 a.m. and the meeting will begin at 10 a.m.  Reservations are required and may be made by calling Brenda Thomason at (734) 788-7097 or emailing  [email protected]. Masks are also required.

The guest speaker this month will be Konnie Beauregard, who will be giving a PowerPoint presentation “An Agreeable Tyrant? Fashion After the American Revolution.” After every war there are critical decisions to be made by both the government and the citizens.  The Revolutionary War was no different. In 1781, the new citizens were in a quandary about fashion. The country had no manufacturing, they had not been trading with Great Britain, and the French were embroiled in their own Revolution. Homespun had been the patriotic thing to wear, should they continue? Beauregard has the experience and knowledge to answer this question and many more. She is the NSDAR American History Vice Chair for the SE Division, FSSDAR Curator, FSSDAR Museum Outreach Chair, FSSDAR Speakers Staff and the Honorary Regent of Col. Samuel Elbert Chapter.

Beauregard will also preside for the installation ceremony of the new chapter officers for 2021-2023 including: Regent Cindy Kolevar, 1st Vice Regent Tina Getz, 2nd Vice Regent Diane Neu, Chaplain Susie Truax, Recording Secretary Pat Ronci, Corresponding Secretary Nathalie Heydet, Treasurer Brenda Thomason, Registrar Diane Clemmons, Historian Barb Byers, Librarian Janet Malloy, Parliamentarian Susan O’Dell.


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