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Russia has come a long way from the 1990s. It is a brand new world with a whole new set of ideas that are transforming the country and bringing it into the new age. The creative minds of the country’s fashion industry have incorporated this new Russia into their work. They are using fashion as an instrument to dive deeper and probe their country’s history, to celebrate its culture, and to highlight its people. Russia has been recognized as the 78the best country in the world for a child to be born in, 36th in best countries for the education system, and 11th most culturally influential countries. Meanwhile, Russia ranked No. 54 in the CEOWORLD magazine’s ranking of the world’s most entrepreneurial countries, the 21st trendiest country in the world, 15th best country in the world to invest in eCommerce and digital sector and 14th best country in the world for starting a career.

Within this article, we will be talking about such designers that are making their presence felt on an international scale. You don’t want to miss this one!

  1. Gosha Rubchinskiy.
    Rubchinskiy (Георгий Александрович Рубчинский; born 29 June 1984), known as Gosha Rubchinskiy, can be credited with bringing about the much-needed dynamism into the industry. In a matter of just five years, he has been able to liven up a saturated scenario. Not stopping at merely receiving critical acclaim, Gosha also has credibility on the streets of Russia (a lot of fandom amongst the people).

    He has come a long way from customizing t-shirts along with his friend. Today, his collections sell out almost the same week that they debut. Combining a fine tailored approach with the aesthetics of sportswear, he leaves his signature in the form of references to his home country on his merchandise.

  2. Alisa Ruban and Julia Ruban.
    Alisa and Julia Ruban can be credited with bringing some much-needed practicality to the fashion scene. The fashion industry has long been the butt of jokes for creating dresses that have little or no element of practicality integrated into them. The Ruban brand is known for being feminine and functional at the same time.

    This new approach instantly widened the reach of fashion amongst the people of the country. A whole new class of people started to look up to fashion as something practical and accessible. Such was their impact on the scene that Ruban was cited by Marie Claire of USA as being one of the most prominent fashion brands in Russia.

  3. Alexander Terekhov.
    Terekhov studied at the Moscow Institute of Fashion and Design and later worked at Yves Saint Laurent. His working experience was at the center of Paris, the couture capital of the world. All this has had a significant effect on his workmanship and is evident in his creations. Alexander has also worked with Disney for a series of dresses that he created, inspired by the film The Wizard of Oz.

    Having had a close relation with female fashion, his work is rich in sensuality and has a close attention to tailoring. Not bordering on risqué but being rather being stunning and powerful, his designs have won several accolades all over the world. Ten years ago when he established his brand, he was commemorated with the GQ Magazine’s Man of the Year award.

  4. Vika Gazinskaya.
    Vika is one of those designers who have had a transitional journey into the world of fashion designing. Starting as a student of the craft in the city of Moscow, she gained an internship at the luxury fashion magazine L’Officiel Russia. From there on she worked her way up to becoming its fashion editor and gained valuable knowledge about the industry in due process.

    Gazinskaya established her brand name in 2007 when she showcased her collection for the first time. Since then, her work has graced the cover of many illustrious magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue (American). Gazinskaya has been instrumental in taking the Russian fashion industry globally. Her work has made the world take notice of Russia’s talent.

  5. Olga Vilshenko.
    Another gem of the Moscow’s Institute of Fashion and Art, Olga is known for her striking feminine designs that beautifully blend eastern traditions with the western couture culture. It can be said that for her, fashion is in the blood since she has gained much of her fashion sensibilities from her mother.


    Presently she divides her time between London and Moscow while simultaneously working on nurturing her love for fashion. Olga has been able to lure millions of young Russian women with her striking designs that are highlighted by the country’s contrasting surroundings. Her work has been the muse of many international celebrities including Florence Welch, the British songwriter, and singer, who is also amongst her fans.

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