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NEARLY everyone likes to capture that crucial moment at a sporting event when the complete story is told.

This week we challenged members of Knutsford Photographic Society to come up with some memorable images that really capture that sporting moment.

From the action at a school sports day to a professional golfer putting at the Open KPS, members have captured them all.   

Further images can be found on the club website at

Tim Banks, Lost Horizons – On a beautiful autumn morning this dinghy race literally had the wind taken out of its sails.

Tim Banks, On the ball –  Teams in a waterborne scrum, trying not to lose sight of the ball.

Margaret Lawless Cricket, Adelaide – A lazy summer afternoon with Australian beer and cricket. What’s not to like?

Margaret Lawless Windsurfing, Golden Gate Bridge – The windsurfer stood out through the haze of a sleepy San Francisco afternoon

John Cridland, Out in front – Making trotting look easy and elegant

John Cridland, Just about to strike – Power, balance, skill and co-ordination are all key attributes for the rider and pony

Gordon Spruce, Racing for the line – Trying something new and witnessed some great expressions as a bonus

Gordon Spruce, Wheelie High – Josh Brooks, Great height and a good background

Bill Mccaig, Unity–  A partnership in trust

Bill Mccaig, Racing bikes – A sense of speed, concentration and determination to win

Mervyn Harrison, School sports day – I enjoy watching my grandson compete, but unfortunately not this year

Karl Creaser, Phil Mickelson – putting Had a free ticket to the Open at Hoylake, what’s not to like?

Karl Creaser, Tour de France in Yorkshire 2014 – 3 Hours of waiting for 1 minute action, but what a minute!

Gwyndaf Roberts, Gary Mason’s crash – Gary Mason sliding, with his green Kawasaki bike demolishing the tyre wall

Gwyndaf Roberts, Russ Downing puncture – I’d only just arrived at the race but got this great photo

Dave Whitney, Speedy – Taken on the diagonal gives a good impression of speed

Dave Whitney, Through the gate – I liked the look of determination on the face

Don Dobson, Baseball pitcher – I liked the expression on his face

Wayne Clarke, Surfing in San Sebastian


Wayne Clarke, Training for the Gondola race

Mervyn Harrison, The Peloton – 45 minutes waiting and gone in less than 20 seconds. Hey ho


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