Konami is making a Frogger game show for people really good at crossing busy streets Frogger

If you’re exceptionally good at jaywalking, I have just the opportunity for you. Konami is turning Frogger, the classic arcade game in which you guide a frog across a busy road, into a TV game show. It’s exactly what you’re thinking: An obstacle course competition where contestants must “dodge treacherous traffic, leap over snapping gators and hop over hungry hippos.”

According to Deadline, the series will be streamed on NBC’s Peacock, which is currently only available in the US. It will feature 13 obstacle courses that contestants will have to navigate and there’s an open casting call for US residents. The show will be filmed on location in Australia, but anyone with a US passport is eligible to apply to live out their wildest frog fantasies. The winner will walk away with a “huge” cash prize—not that you’ll need the money once the world knows you as The Frog Who Lived.

The show sounds similar to Floor is Lava, a Netflix series in which contestants attempt to traverse domestic obstacle courses without falling into the ‘lava’ that has replaced the floor. That show was a minor hit, maybe in part because it came in the middle of a pandemic in which most of us were in lockdown and desperate for something, anything to occupy our time. Konami and NBC are likely hoping that Frogger fills a similar role.

If you truly want to audition for Frogger and become a part of videogame history, you can apply here.

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