Lacuna Coming May 20 – Prologue Out Now!

Dear everybody,

The title says it all, so I’ll keep this short and sweet: Our sci-fi noir adventure Lacuna is coming to Steam on May 20, and its free demo Lacuna: Prologue can be played right now!

Check out the new Lacuna: Prologue

It contains the same levels as the demo we released during the Steam Game Festival earlier this year, but there are two major differences: 1. It is much more polished, featuring new art, music, sound design, and mechanics. 2. It has a dedicated page, so you can leave a positive review if you liked it. This way!

[embedded content]

Lacuna is coming out May 20, 2021

That’s right, screw “summer 2021”. We’re pulling what’s called a reverse Duke Nukem Forever and releasing the game earlier, less than a month from now! If you haven’t already, wishlist Lacuna here.

We hope you enjoy the Prologue and we can’t wait to share the rest of the game with you!


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