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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The recommendation is clear, both from the Centers for Disease Control and now from several individual stores: if you go out, wear a mask. Where some see a hassle, others see a new way to accessorize!

Wassa Coulibaly, a local fashion designer and the owner of Wassa Wear Clothing Boutique, just debuted a new clothing line to help you look good while slowing the spread of COVID-19.

When Wassa saw the whole world wearing masks, she saw an opportunity.

“First, I had the frustration with, ‘Oh, I have to cover my face going to a market?’ And they were like, ‘Oh, we won’t let you in. You have to have your face covered.’ Luckily, I had a hood that day, like this, and I just put up my hood and tied it to the side. And I’m like, ‘Wow, this is becoming a thing where you actually need masks,'” said Coulibaly, describing the inspiration for her new fashion line.


Coulibaly immigrated to the United States from Senegal in West Africa, and she’s been living in Las Vegas for about 15 years. Now, she creates and crafts all of her clothes by hand. So, it wasn’t too hard for her to design a clothing line capable of covering a mask.

“Designs kept popping up in my head and, before you know it, I was working again, designing and sewing, and I made this new line,” said Coulibaly.

She’s been productive during this pandemic, designing and debuting at least a dozen dresses as well as several unisex face scarves, so customers can look good while slowing the spread.

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“That’s an option for my fashion ladies because there’s many of us out there who like to dress up and want to flirt,” said Coulibaly with a laugh. “With the current times and what we have, people’s masks cover up fashion. People are eventually going to want to get out.”

Wassa admits she doesn’t know how long her line will stay in style.

“At least for a couple of months. If not, so be it. I’m just having fun and enjoying and taking what it is and using it for inspiration for fashion. And it can stay. It can stay for souvenirs for people to remember this epidemic,” said Coulibaly.

But right now, she says her new line is pretty popular.

“I’m so surprised at how much interest I’ve actually got with everything. People have been ordering online and I’ve been mailing stuff all the time, so it’s good. Some stores have contacted me and they want me to put it in their stores, consignment [shops], and one of them is Area 15. So, I’m super excited,” said Coulibaly.

If you’re interested in Wassa’s new clothing line, her designs range in price anywhere from $25-$250 dollars. To shop her entire collection, click this link.


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