Last Mortem ALPHA 1.2.2 was released!


we’ve just released the new Patch 1.2.2! A detailed report about changes can be found here:

The biggest thing that came with the completely new patch is the Login System! This system gives you an opportunity to make an account and save your progress currently only on your PC Hard drive. It also gives the game another security wall as cheaters can be now banned depending on their IPs. Details about Login System can be found here:

We also included the new Special Offer. We are giving to all players one week to play with the old good M4 Specialized! Assault rifle with a silencer, holographic sight, and amazing stats! And as the new patch was little delayed, we extended the last week’s Special Offer! That means that you can also play with M16A4, AKS-74uS, and Phantom for another week! A detailed report about the Special Offer is here:

As we focused more on the system and functions in this patch, the next patch will include the huge hill of content like new weapons and characters! This patch is planned to be available for 1 week (6/7/2020 – 6/14/2020).

Don’t waste your time, jump into the battlefields of Last Mortem, collect, destroy, and play like a Legends!

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