League Two clubs committed to ending season but questions remain – BBC News

League Two clubs have either nine or 10 regular-season games left to play in 2019-20

League Two clubs remain committed to finishing the 2019-20 season, but huge question marks remain over their ability to achieve it.

The clubs spoke in a video conference on Tuesday and have resolved to try to see out the campaign.

However, major challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic could derail that ambition.

The huge number of players whose contracts finish on 30 June is one of the major issues.

With clubs starved of revenue and some owners suffering issues with their private businesses, sanctioning extensions to these deals has become a major problem.

It could lead to teams having to field massively under-strength sides if the campaign goes beyond 30 June and there have been suggestions League Two would ask the English Football League, en masse, to end the season prematurely.

BBC Sport has been told this will not happen yet but, with so many problems facing clubs, there is no guarantee it will not unless there is clarity over when the campaign will resume.

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