“Leaving Early Access” (1.7.0-beta)

Good news, everyone! This is the last big patch of the early access phase before the Steam release. There was a lot of work under the hood like Steam achievements and cloud saves, which are in this patch but not yet visible to you until I send out the Steam keys to all itch.io owners – which I’m going to do some time next week, so you can test the Steam version before it’s publicly available.

But there also is a lot you actually can see already, like the new alternative primary colors which you now unlock by beating the game at Overload 5, 10, 15 and 20:

107 colors

Lately the executioner combo was too strong, which is why I’m following up the Executioner nerf of the last patch with a new mob, the DEFIANT, which is immune to all status effects:

107 defiant

I’ve also tuned all boss waves to include additional side mobs which makes boss waves a little harder and more stylish:

107 bosswave

Aaand I’ve become so annoyed at trying to find the right keyboard shortcuts for my abilities that I’ve separated the shortcuts for buildings and abilities; and while I was at it I also made those shortcuts configurable:

Screenshot from 2020 05 28 19 47

That’s not all of course, so here are the full patch notes for this last beta patch:


  • Added Chinese (simplified) translation
  • Added Defiant, a mob which is immune to status effects!
  • Added Salvage module, which grants a random upgrade when you skip a reward!
  • Alternate primary colors are now unlocked on beating Overload 5, 10, 15 and 20
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now customizable and separated between towers and abilities
  • Manual control towers can now be fired with the corresponding keyboard shortcut


  • Bigger mobs now have the same movement speed as the small ones
  • Boss waves are now a little bigger and harder
  • You now get one more tower to choose from at the start of a run
  • The fullscreen mode is now toggled with the F11 key
  • In windowed mode there now is a title bar
  • The game now properly saves the windowed state, size and position
  • The achievement Singularity now only unlocks if you have exactly one tower.
  • Repeater tower now gains attack speed for every kill
  • Repeater Damage upgrade limit 15 ? 25, damage 10 ? 7
  • Repeater Speed upgrade removed
  • Sniper tower now deals more damage the farther away the target is, base damage 150 ? 75
  • Sniper Damage upgrade damage 40 ? 20
  • Melter Armor Reduction upgrade limit 5 ? 3, reduction 2 ? 5
  • Repeater Speed upgrade removed
  • Keep cool module rarity uncommon ? common
  • Heal ability range 1.25 ? 1.5
  • Shield ability range 1.25 ? 1.5
  • Disruptor base range 1.5 ? 1.25, status duration 3s ? 1s
  • Disruptor Range range increase 0.2 ? 0.1, stacks 5 ? 15
  • Disruptor Duration upgrade removed


  • The confirm dialog properly translates “yes” and “no” buttons
  • The achievement Keep ’em coming can now be unlocked
  • Fixed several bugs regarding the rotation interface for the ion cannon
  • Healing in-between waves is now properly added to healing statistic
  • Fixed movement speed calculation for status effects
  • The compendium now shows the correct amount of discoveries

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