Level Up System (Features #2)

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Welcome for another revelation feature of Alpha Centauri Space Force. In this article I’m revealing in advance what it takes to become an Alpha Centauri pilot (the highest promotion rank), and the way to succeed. But before I’ll explain how the score system works.

Score System

It’s based on Honor Points (HP), basically HP can be gained by eliminating hostile targets, by destroying objects, or by spending time in ace; also pilots can gain extra HP based on their effectiveness that are calculated in percentage at the end of a level phase, in addition if such percentage is 100% pilots win a medal.

Medals & Ranks

Medals can be obtained either by completing missions, or by being 100% effective at the end of a level phase. The number of medals won determine the rank position of pilots, when pilots enlist in Alpha Centauri Space Force, Basic Spacemen rank is assigned, the first 2 medals obtained promote pilots to next rank, the highest rank promotion in the space force is the Alpha Centauri.

Number Of Vehicles, Penalty Points, And Continues

Fortunately there is no limit to how many number of spacecraft pilots can spend, the SE shield, which I explained in previous articles, it’s regenerative and depending on the spacecraft model, can support several hits based on the SE charge capacity. Unfortunately when pilots are having a hard time, or committing too many errors their elimination is imminent, consequently errors can be paid with the current HP obtained, not with the HP stored in profiles, basically pilots can decide whether or not to sacrifice their HP obtained during the mission to have another try. However, medals are not removed and neither pilots are downgraded.

Pilot Profile

Whether pilots finish a mission successfully or not, their progress is stored in their profiles with the new highest Honor Points set, with the new highest amount of medals obtained, and the new promoted rank. Subsequently pilots can demonstrate their history rank position and medals won on the next missions from the beginning.

This is just the beginning.

Everything is ready for the launch

Don’t miss out on the next articles where I’ll be revealing the launch day, current state, and a lot more.

See you soon!

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