Liverpool are champions – social media reaction

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So Liverpool’s 30-year wait for a league title is finally over.

And it ended with some poetic drama – Chelsea’s 2-1 win over Manchester City sealed by goals from two former transfer targets and a slip at the back reminiscent of Steven Gerrard’s against the Londoners in 2014.

The players loved it…

… and ‘Boring James Milner’ celebrated in typical style

Outside Anfield, the fans partied

Red sky at night, Kopites’ delight

The famous anthem rang out around the city

Some might say fans were un-bear-able

Earlier there had been time to look back…

This fan went early

The Reds were helped out by two former transfer targets

And Fernandinho gave them a hand. Literally.

Others predicted people claiming credit

One man’s investment paid off

Some onlookers couldn’t bear to watch

But Manchester City showed grace in defeat

And, finally, Twitter (literal Twitter) gave its congratulations too

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