Loads of Razer peripherals are at all-time low prices right now

It’s not just a barrage of Logitech peripherals that are on sale today. Razer also have a bunch of mice, keyboards and gaming headsets going cheap right now as part of Amazon UK’s big gaming week sale, and man alive there’s a lot to get through. The biggest deals are on their Kraken headset, which is down to just £47 right now, and an all-time low price of £72 for their Blackwidow mechanical gaming keyboard. Let’s get crackin’.

Most of the gaming headsets on sale today are variations of Razer’s popular Kraken headset, with various colours all receiving discounts of around £15 off their usual price. The cheapest is the black version of the Kraken at just £47, which is the cheapest this particular headset has ever been according to my Amazon price tracker. Other colours, such as the green and pink Quartz versions have been cheaper in the past, dropping as low as £45 and £55 respectively back in April, but comparatively these are still pretty good prices in the grand scheme of things.

The other big Razer headset that’s on sale today is their wireless Nari, which has had around £22 chopped off its usual price. Again, the Nari has been cheaper in the past, and it fell to a low of £90 for a good part of February. For the most part, though, its current price of £100 is pretty much in line with the other two big discounts it’s received over the last four months, which also saw it drop to around £100.

For those after a slightly more extraordinary discount, though, then cast your eyes on Razer’s 2019 Blackwidow gaming keyboard, which has fallen to an all-time low of £72 today.

This mechanical keyboard with Razer’s tactile and clicky green switches has been a bit all over the shop in terms of pricing recently, fluctuating between £85 and £100 for much of the last six months. Before that, it was closer to £130 in the latter part of last year, according to my price tracker, making its current deal price quite the historic bargain.

Finally, there are four Razer mice on sale today as well. Surprisingly, only one of them is wired, making it a good time to pick up a good bargain on one of Razer’s wireless models. Here they are:

If you’re wondering why the Ultimate editions are so much more expensive, that’s because they come with their own dedicated charging stations in the box. The Viper Ultimate is a particularly good pick if you’re left-handed or simply prefer ambidextrous gaming mice, too, as it’s not only down to an all-time low price of £104 right now, but it’s also the wireless version of the excellent regular Viper, which is my current top ambidextrous pick in my list of best gaming mice.

The Basilisk Ultimate is also down to a new low price at the moment – its previous record being £140 back in February – and the Mamba Elite is also down to one of the lowest prices it’s been this year, too. It was briefly £55 all the way back in January, but this is the cheapest it’s been since. The regular Basilisk X is a little less special, as it’s been jumping between £40 and £45 for the last three months, but this too is still the cheapest it’s ever been historically.

So go forth and get deals hunting, as there’s no telling how long these deals will stick around.

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