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Fashion is an expression of what you are feeling! And for most of us, fashion exists in the outside world. Let us take you back to pre-Covid times, when we dressed up in our favourite outfit and spent 9 active hours at work. Then, we came back home and changed into pyjamas! We called it a day and spent the rest of the evening at our leisure. This is home fashion. Home emanates comfort and freedom and you tend to get lazy. Well, that’s exactly what all the Bollywood divas are doing too!
Yes, fashion during quarantine is about being comfortable as well as professional enough to pump in the energy required to work from home. And, it’s about breaking rules. Fashion today does not define how appealing you look, but is an expression of your mood. A well put together look during office hours can boost your performance. and a simple pyjama/kaftan look a la Kareena and Sonam can make you feel comfortable all the time. We got in touch with Jigyasa Jolly, the creative director of Modo Caldo – a popular women’s pret and couture label, to help us dress stylishly this quarantine. And, here are some tips from her kitty.
All you need is:
– A fresh appearance – Clean and fresh clothes, washed hair.

– Clothes that fit you well – Even a fitted Tee can change your body language. Throw a jacket or blazer on it if you have a video call with colleagues

– Accessories – Wear your neckpiece or your favourite footwear if that adds to your confidence. Always remember, you never have to justify yourself for being under-dressed or over-dressed.

Fashion has no limitations, and quarantine has only expanded our horizons. Team up your blazers with your pyjamas and rule the world!

Well, that’s not all! You could always recycle some of your old clothes in the lockdown.
Do you know – 95% of textile waste thrown every year can either be re-worn or recycled? The current pandemic has taught us to be more considerate towards our Mother Earth and make it a better place to live. The first step towards recycling is to clean your wardrobe and make a pile of your unwanted clothes. Now, let’s look at five different possibilities:

  1. Pack your unwanted pile of clothes and once the market reopens, take them to a designer who works on wardrobe revamp. You will not only save the resources, but also have new outfits for yourself.
  2. If you have fresh or new clothing that you do not wear, pass them to a friend/relative who would love to own them. Or you could even list them to a website that sells used products.
  3. If you have a creative insect inside you, and find your clothes boring, give them a funky twist. Tear them or paint on them; these styles will be a great addition to your vacation wear.
  4. Never get rid of your wardrobe staples, even if you are bored of wearing them. Your little black dress, black and white tops or shirts or your black blazer, must never be thrown until and unless you can replace them with a new one.
  5. Make a list of wardrobe staples you need. Rage shopping is expected post lockdown, so you could make it more useful and avoid unnecessary pile of clothing again.


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