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Actor Hina Khan has been dolling up at home, flaunting her best traditional looks

Are you also tired of being in your PJs, shorts and tees for the last 45 days? Given that everyone is homebound because of the nationwide lockdown, not getting a chance to dress up is something that everyone would relate to. But, it seems that celebs aren’t really letting these lockdown woes get on to them, and they are instead decking up at home and feeling good about it, too.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas shared a picture of her rocking a blue six yard drape and wrote, “Felt like wearing a saree. So I did…At home. Miss everyone.” 

Stylist Vikram Sethi agrees that many celebs are happily ditching their stay-at-home wardrobe and opting for elaborate styles even during the lockdown. “Good part is that it also inspires others to do the same. In fact, many people have reached out to me for tips on upping their wardrobe game amid the lockdown,” he shares.

Since it’s also the month of Ramzan, actors Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan among others are dolling up at home, flaunting their best traditional looks.

“It’s important to be well informed and cautious, but at the same time, one should mentally remain positive. Ditching the pyjamas and dressing up can be a good booster not only for yourself but also for those around you, to celebrate each moment even if it’s in the confines of our homes. The myriad colours of the Indian attire can truly bring life into our days at home reminding all of us that we must make the best of all that we have. And if this year it means celebrating indoors, then that be it but at least it’s with our family,” shares Hina. 

With nowhere to go, dressing up at home can actually become a fun activity which people can do once in a while. Designer Rina Dhaka says, “I agree that we’ve become comfortable and laid back, so getting up and dressing up is an effort. But it’s like having a hair wash and blow dry, you’ve to make an effort, eventually it feels great. It doesn’t hurt being prim and proper once in a while.”

One can also dress up for various quarantine scenarios, it can be office video meetings or dinner with family. Designer Nachiket Barve feels that it helps to groom and dress well.

“It keeps you on your toes and makes you feel a little less slumpy. One can dress up for dinner once or twice a week, make it a formal setting. I personally dress up nicely while working in front of my laptop. I don’t want to be in my sweatpants everyday,” he shares. 

Clothes also tend to have an impact on your mind and stylist Isha Bhansali agrees that since everyone is feeling quite low these days, anything that may act as a mood uplifter shouldn’t be ignored.

“It’s boring to keep repeating your outfit everyday. Clothes make a lot of difference to your mood and how you feel. Plus how many home clothes do we have anyway? So why not wear a pair of jeans at home instead of our PJs or shorts and have some fun,” she says.

Brave adds how this is the perfect time to experiment with ones style. “Take those sartorial risks which you otherwise wouldn’t have when you’ve to step out. Make an event out of something,” he says.


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