Long overdue update

Long overdue update

The plan was to update this page a lot sooner but I ran into some trouble with the game’s hardcoding and

internal colorpalettes. A playable release will still be a couple weeks from now but I figured I should atleast

show some of the progress. However I thought it’d be interesting to show the progress by showcasing what was

scrapped and didn’t make it in the mod.


Stickstoff units (concept)

Everything related to the snow terrain (credit to Nyerguds for his unofficial patch) was scrapped. I figured it’d

be fun to work with the snow terrain but decided on only using my customized versions of the temperate

terrain. This meant scrapping the snow-related units and snow-related cutscenes as well:

[embedded content]

Defeat cutscene (unfinished)

What was also scrapped was the first batch of music I made for the mod. Which were remixes of the original

soundtrack (non-convert ops / sole survivor), in favor for an original soundtrack which will be small but ready

for the first playable version.

[embedded content]

Act on Instinct Remix (unmastered)

Before the release of the first playable version I’ll be posting more updates both here and

on Twitter if they’re minor updates. I’ll do better frequenting updates this time.

Regarding C&C Remastered:

I’ll still be working on this mod and only for ”Tiberian Dawn”. The appeal comes

from giving a game from 1994 a new coat of paint. So while I’m excited

for it, my focus will remain here. Next up: Some actual in-game footage.

Stay tuned!

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