Loot River, the Tetris-inspired dungeon crawler, now has a demo

Loot River has an immediately appealing hook: its dungeon floors can be shifted around like Tetris blocks. So as you venture through procedural levels, slashing at inky monsters, you’re also solving shape-shifting puzzles and using their movement to confuse and avoid enemies.

Now it has a demo up on Steam.

You can seemingly use the sliding platforms to find new routes forward, to kite enemies around or trap them on inescapable platforms, and to dodge their attacks. I’m curious whether it’s potent enough to last a full game, but that’s what the demo should help answer.

The demo features the tutorial and two short levels. While, as noted, the dungeons are normally procedurally generated, the demo is locked to a single seed so the levels are the same every time. That’s probably a good idea if you’re a developer and want people to buy your full game rather than just playing the demo forever.

Loot River will launch sometime next year, and the demo is seemingly available indefinitely. A rare treat. Grab it from the Steam page now.

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