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Ludus Calradius

*** New feature(s) ***

Ludus Calradius – the craziest, funkiest place of them all. Calradia’s circus, main arena(s) and combat training academy, built on the remains of Zendar. You can watch the best fighters fight and spill their blood, bet on the winner or fight, but only after you prove your worthiness. Ludus is also the best place to go to if you have high level prisoners to sell, Lanista will pay handsomely for new promising blood.

Feature Highlights:

  • Jousting
  • Duel Jousting (you can challenge any Swadian lord to a joust duel)
  • Fist Fighting
  • Roman Gladiator Fights
  • Historical Gladiator Fights
  • Contemporary Gladiator Fights
  • Watching any type of fight from stands and bet on the winner
  • Take part in these fights and bet on yourself
  • Lanista pays the best price in Calradia for high level regular prisoners
  • Zendar is back
  • Happy Boar is back
  • New heroes – in gladiator roles
  • 3 new arenas (Gladiator Arena, The Lists and Proving grounds)

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Roman Gladiator Fights

All best known Roman gladiator types in their traditional gear: Murmillo, Retarius, Thraex, Secutor. Hoplomachus, Provocator, Eques, Saggitarius, Noxii and oldest amnosgt them Saminte gladiator. Matched up in the sam e way as they were in the ancient Rome, e.g. Murmillo will fight only vs Retarius or Thraex or Hoplomachus. For spicing up things there are also 3 vs 3, 5 vs 5 and finally Last man standing (6 men death-match). Fight or watch and bet.

Historical Gladiator Fights

Have you ever asked yourself how would Greek Hoplite do if he’d face Roman Legionary or Viking? Now you can find the answer by watching or fighting those matches yourself, all coming as a part of another integreal part of Ludus Calradius show. Currently featured are: Aztec Warrior, Spartan Hoplite, Japanese Samurai, Viking, Roman Legionary, Persian Immortal, Thracian, Egyptian Slinger and least but no the last Celtic Warrior. In this case match-ups are random and any clash is possible. They all come equipped with their traditional gear.

Contemporary Gladiator Fights

In order to get to the main stage, you’ll have to pass through several phases. Basic training with Doctore, then combat skills and weapon proficiency evaluation. When those are cleared you’ll be allowed to participate only in Contemporary Gladiator Fights with are held at Proving grounds. There you’ll meet weaker opponents like e.g. Nord Berserker which are mixed up with gladiators in a large hectic 4 team battles. If you do well The Lists (Jousting and fist fighting) and Gladiator Arena will become available for you.


Two knights in shinny plated armors, on long barded horses with colored lances and feathered helmets facing each other. Right after the start both knights kick their horses to enter gallop, as they quickly approach each other they lower and couche their lances aiming to hit their rival before they get hit themselves… Each jousting match consists of two parts a joust and a melee. The Joust lasts as long as both fighters are still in the saddle. If both remained in saddle or somebody’s horse got struck round is called inconclusive and is asap restarted. When finally one combatant gets de-horsed, combatants switch their weapons and match continues on foot. Nobles are automatically qualified for Jousting and Fist Fighting.

In addition to Jousting organized in Ludus we have further expanded already great BannerPage Duelling feature and added a possibility to challenge any Swadian lord to the Joust.

Trade high level slaves

In Native we had ransom brokers and Ramun the slave trader, BannerPage brought Barezan (Salt mine) and BannerPage 2.0 already brings Galeas within as part of a Hidden Base staff. With all of that slaves really became commodity but something was missing, a place to sell highest level regular prisoners. So who would buy those? Answer was simple Gladiator school. Talk to Lanista when you want to sell your imprisoned e.g. Swadian knight for a real buck, but beware he is not interested in buying low level troops at all.

Ludus – other things to do

Apart from it’s main attractions you can visit Ludus’s merchants, some of them offer some things otherwise offered no place else. Horse merchant will e.g. give you the option to try any horse out, weapon-smith and armorer procure their goods from all over the Claradia meaning their shops are not factionzed. Goods merchant is proud of himself to always stock the widest range of goods. You can go to tavern and take a safe nap and rest.

Happy playing!

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