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Sheltering in place has inspired creative opportunities from residents in unique ways that nurture the Malibu community. Malibu resident Pia Malatesta is tapping her expertise as a multi-hyphenate stylist to present Closet to Closet Fashion Therapy with Pia through a live Instagram feed at 1 p.m. Friday, May 8.

The one-hour interactive session on Malatesta’s Instagram page – @pia4lastlooks – will feature the stylist choosing three outfit basics that people have  – i.e: jeans, pencil skirt – and suggesting piecing items together along with accessorizing ideas. 

“The concept is to let people into my closet and set up some of the things that I have in my closet,” Malatesta said.

A moderator will field questions while she focuses on the styling and if a viewer requests in, Malatesta will chat with them on split screen. 

“When people request in, I will stop what I am doing and ask the viewer what they want to show today,” she said. “That may be a ‘challenge piece’ in your wardrobe.”

Participants can share their outfits and get a “Hey” or “Nay”. 

“[I want to] engage everyone and give everyone a voice and have someone like me be able to tell you if it looks appropriate for what I am trained to do and show everyone else their individuality,” she said “It’s kind of using fashion as a vehicle.”

The event will cover women’s wardrobe fashions, however, suggestions are open to men’s fashions, depending on the feedback.

Malatesta has been a wardrobe stylist for commercials over the last 15 years, getting started in her career in New York and Miami. She is a multihyphenate stylist of interiors, wardrobes, commercials, editorials and e-commerce. Malibu has become her home in the past four years as she and her husband’s love of surfing drew them to the community. 

“We are such beach people,” she said. “We still wanted to have some industry.” 

Her fashion therapy idea was inspired as a means to connect with people.   

“I want to get to know people who follow me and who they are,” Malatesta said. “It’s a great time because I am not overwhelmed with work. I feel like we all have a responsibility right now by staying home.

“I thought about what I can give back that I am really good at. I work with some of the online conglomerates that try to keep a sense of normalcy in the shopping realm, for looks and inspiration.”

As for a couple fashion tips, Malatesta had plenty to offer.

“In this time that we are living in it’s been difficult to want to get dressed because you’re not going to see other people,” she said. “I’ve been using my kimono robe duster, as a quick throw over when I have a Zoom meeting or run to the market. They are colorful silk pieces.”

She’s also a fan of blazers.

“A piece that gets overlooked a lot but right now it’s super trending, but it is a classic trend if you were already collecting it, is a good blazer,” Malatesta said. “An oversized blazer is everything and it makes me feel so chic.  You can wear that with jeans, leggings, high-waisted pants, and it’s always so structured. It’s instant polished.”

Malatesta suggests making meaningful fashion decisions. 

“What my thoughts are about the pieces we purchase is that we are needing to be much more responsible and sustainable on our fashion choices,” she said.

Currently Malatesta is considering running three sessions of Closet to Closet Fashion Therapy.  

“When I look good, I feel good,” she said. “Isn’t that what it’s all about – feeling good?”

For more information, visit her Instagram page at @pia4lastlooks or visit Readers can also see examples of her flat-lay styling here.


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