Map Preview: Nevarra


With neither blade nor shield, Andraste gave herself up
To her enemies. And Maferath bound his wife’s hands
And delivered her to the Archon to be put to death.
— Chant of Light, Canticle of Apotheosis 1:14

Nevarra was originally settled by the Planasene, a farming people with a strong culture of animist worship – remaining part of the Tevinter Imperium until around -180 Ancient when Andraste and Maferath led their armies north. The Lord of Nevarra then, Hector, was one of Andraste’s most loyal followers; but it was from his stronghold in the city that Andraste was captured and slain by the Imperium following Maferath’s betrayal.

Rule of the city-state changed hands several times and under the shifting leadership of various Pentaghast and Markham rulers; the once city-state thrived into a full-fledged nation in its own right. The two rival families feud to this day as Nevarra sits strong; but surrounded, with Orlais to to the south, Tevinter to the north and a bitter Tantervale to the east. Only time will tell what the future holds for Nevarra.


As usual settlements are not built/upgraded at all – simply placed – so the income is not reflective of the finished product. Some regions may change during development due to the 199 region cap that is STILL the bane of my existence, but you’re looking at a more or less finished Nevarra 🙂 I’ve more or less also finished the Free Marches, Antiva, Rivain, Seheron and hope to show much more as soon as possible for you all.


An influential port city in the nation of Nevarra, seated alongside the Waking Sea. Over the last century, Cumberland has taken advantage of this to expand into one of the largest cities in Thedas; dwarfing most others. Cumberland is also where the College of Magi routinely convene and is the seat of their Grand Enchanter. Cumberland is a major metropolis, but Nevarra is the nation’s capital.

Models courtesy of AugustusNocturnis (Octavius on Discord). Thanks for reading! Work continues and I’ll hopefully show off much more soon, so to keep updated, please consider joining our discord via this link where we preview our work early and you can ask any questions you may have.

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