Mars: War Logs and GreedFall devs will reveal a new game next week greedfall coin guard merchandise

French studio Spiders make some decent RPGs: what they usually lack in polish they make up for with heart and ambition. Last year’s GreedFall was particularly fun: Lauren recommended it “with caveats,” which you can read about in her review.

Spiders’ parent company Nacon teased an imminent reveal on Twitter earlier today. It’s definitely a Spiders game, but aside from a pretty vague image (embedded below), we’ll probably have to wait until July 7 for more concrete details.

Spiders tend not to trade in sequels: the studio has eight games under its belt and not one of them is a follow-up to another. That said, GreedFall seemed to fare better in the review stakes compared to previous games like The Technomancer, Bound by Flame and Of Orcs and Men. The 17th century fantasy setting was certainly unique enough to flesh out some more.

There’s a fair bit of teasing happening at present, but at least Nacon isn’t teasing a teaser, which is what the official Shadow Warrior account did today

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