May Development Diary

The May Development Diary. This is probably the last diary, because the development progresses gradually to the final stage!

In the recent months, I have been developing the latest Thunder’s Leaves maps. One of the levels is the small town called “Windtown”, which has a skatepark of impressive size. It is likely to be the most charismatic level in the mod!

I recommend to watch the speedmapping of this location:

[embedded content]

The second map that I’ m working hard is the final. The level represents a radio station, which is the endpoint of the story.

The gameplay on this location focuses on the battle with a new enemy – a special type of strider, capable of generating a powerful impulse, after which this enemy is able to control the electronics of the rebels (eg drones).

The new strider “in action”:

Most likely, during the summer I will be engaged in bringing the project on finishing and entering the stage of pre-release testing!

Some more interesting screenshots:

Remember, the mod has its own page in Steam!

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