Medal of Honor: Airborne Redux 1.0 Release

What is Medal of Honor: Airborne Redux?

It’s an enhancement and gameplay overhaul mod that attempts to fix the jank that plagues this underrated WWII FPS from 2007, such as the low FOV and awkward leaning/walking controls. In addition, it rebalances the Campaign difficulty to play more like a hardcore tactical shooter instead of a casual console COD clone. One shot from any rifle out of cover and you’re through – on Expert. The difficulties have been thoroughly tested so players of any skill level can see Der Flakturm fall without fear of aimbotting, bullet sponge AI with inhuman reaction times.

[embedded content]

I have always felt that there was a true masterpiece hidden underneath the exterior of this flawed game, and I hope that with the release of this mod that the public’s perception of Medal of Honor: Airborne finally changes.

Please report any issues you might be having in the comments.

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