Meet Isobel Waller-Bridge, Fashion’s Favorite Musical Composer – L’Officiel – L’Officiel

McQueen has recently started an initiative called #McQueenMusic, allowing for fans to listen and download the music from McQueen shows and events in their own homes. For #McQueenMusic, Waller-Bridge created an exclusive new score for the house, “Suspended in Air,” which was performed on YouTube by Robert Ames and Galya Bisengaileva. She has also curated a playlist, “Energy and Rhythm,” on the McQueen Spotify Channel. “I wanted to curate a playlist for a positive mood, for peace and hope, and for strength,” she says. “I look around and I feel the need for community more than ever. Community is a word so deeply associated with McQueen, and I wanted to reflect that connectivity with diversity and energy.”

The sense of community is one of the things Waller-Bridge loves about McQueen, she says it’s inherent to their work. “The outreach, and creative community projects that McQueen produces that aren’t necessarily front-page news all the time, are astonishing and very inspiring. It really feels like Sarah [Burton] and the whole team are listening, all the time, to people all around them. It is reflected in the opportunities made available to people who don’t naturally have the advantage, but have the talent.” The musician admires how Burton discovers creative people all over the U.K. and provides them with opportunities; that the diversity of talent is not just an idea, but something she believes the McQueen house actually puts into practice. 

Waller-Bridge recently signed to Mercury KX, a label known for their genre-defying, diverse collection of artists, and is working on her first album for them. “It feels really good to be writing without a brief,” she says. “It’s drawing me into a place in my mind I’ve not been in for a while, and creatively there’s lots in there to unpack. I’m finding it really inspiring having the independence and the freedom to do what I want.”


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