Metal Gear Doom Devlog 004

“Kept you waiting, huh.”

It’s time for the long overdue update on Metal Gear Doom. The project is now in a much more refined stage where there isn’t any reason not to start posting regular updates discussing the progress of the mod. For the longest time I haven’t discussed anything in great detail as I didn’t quite have the gameplay loop I wanted in my mind but that’s all sorted and development has progressed a lot in recent weeks.


So far (a shortened recap).

PowerGloveNinja was a Doom modder who made Metal Gear Doom. I helped work on it but it never got finished. Eventually it became a multiplayer mod and at some point I branched off and made my own project for a college project. During the early stages of this mod it was given a moddb page and we barely did anything with it. Over the years I’ve dabbled with the project and over the last year or so I’ve been putting something together in my spare time. This is Metal Gear Doom, a mod originally conceptualised by PowerGloveNinja and since then I’ve effectively made a new mod in the same name. (A lot of his resources are actually in the very old screenshots, this will explain the jump in changes.)

2020, the year the project gets made. Over the past few months I’ve been working in private on ideas for this and I’m pretty happy with what I’ve come up with. Metal Gear Doom will be the following.

Metal Gear Doom is a Doom level pack set in levels inspired by Metal Gear. The focus will be on finding resources (weapons) and avoiding difficult fights as you will be under prepared when facing off against the demons. It will have (approx) 5 levels in the core game. When these 5 levels are complete I will be adding in 3 secret levels which will be inspired by the many ideas and visions I’ve had for this project over the years using the graphics of Metal Gear (MSX/NES). I will also be adding 3 “VR missions” inspired stages which are designed to be a lot more challenging than the regular game.

Once all of this is complete I will be adding in the multiplayer mechanics. This will be based on the multiplayer ideas PowerGloveNinja and I came up with (we pretty much just stole it all from Splinter Cell if I’m being honest).

That’s everything up to now and the plans going forward. Now for a TL;DR
– Metal Gear Doom (original) was a mod by PowerGloveNinja that I helped with briefly.
– Metal Gear Doom (this) is a mod where I took the idea of making a Metal Gear total conversion for doom and got to work.
– It isn’t a Metal Gear game, it is a wad that has maps and gameplay inspired by Metal Gear Solid.
– The retro levels will be in the game in a smaller capacity.
– VR missions will be added.
– Multiplayer will be added and inspired by the Splinter Cell multiplayer from many moons ago.

Now for the actual dev log.

0 0 4

Metal Gear Doom V 0.0.4 has now been released which you can find here. Currently only GZ Doom is supported but if you use another flavour of the Doom engine and it works then please let me know so I can keep an eye on it in case I break compatability at any point. This would allow me to fix it much faster. It has only been tested with DOOM.WAD and DOOM II.WAD as it has depencies for certain textures.

What’s in the PK3?

  • Title Screen
    The title screen is incomplete as it the menu.
  • UI replacement
    This is still in progress. Right now I’m unsure if items beyond keys will be in the game so large changes may be made. It also is broken on most aspect ratios however that is a priority to be fixed for the next patch.
  • Weapons
    Right now I have no original weapon textures of my own. I took a pistol and a machine gun from realm667. Only the pistol has been added to maps.
  • Maps
    This was originally just the opening area for M01 but I decided to split this into a short map. It is currently unfinished and isn’t a priority as it simply will serve to introduce the player to the game with text popups explaining the basic premise of the game.
    This is near enough done. I don’t intend on making any dramatic changes to this map but I will be cleaning it up at a later date and rebalancing it for each difficulty.
    Barely started on this map. There isn’t a lot to say about it.
  • Textures
    This is the reason the file is as large as it is. It contains a rip of all the MGS PS1 textures that I found online and have had stored around for a long time. In major releases I will strip out all textures that aren’t used.

Hopefully that’s everything. If you have questions for me to answer in the next update please leave a comment below, get in touch with me on twitter at AmnUK or head over to the community discord channel at


Nice little glam shot.

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