Microsoft Flight Simulator closed beta will launch on July 30 null

After nine months in alpha, Microsoft Flight Simulator will graduate to a closed beta on July 30. Access to the beta follows the same rules as the alpha: you’ll need to sign up to the Xbox Insider Program in order to have a chance to receive an invite, though thankfully it’s free. Everyone with current access to the alpha will automatically gain access to the forthcoming beta.

If you’ve been biting your nails awaiting access to the alpha, check your inbox – a new wave of invitations were sent out today. 

Finally, for those lucky enough to have access to the current closed alpha, Asobo Studios rolled out a new version with a wide range of tweaks and fixes. Chief among the improvements are “polish and tuning” to all planes, though most of the changes are fairly iterative and won’t excite anyone except the lucky few in the alpha. See the full notes here.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is still officially scheduled to release in 2020.

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