Minecraft Netherite: how to get the new best tools and armor in Minecraft

How much better than Diamond are the new Netherite tools and armor?

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Netherite is a new material in Minecraft, added in 1.16 (the Nether Update). Netherite is tricky to get your hands on, but once you’ve smelted some Netherite Ingots you can make tools and armor that are even stronger than diamond. Read our below Minecraft Netherite guide to find out where to get Netherite, how to craft with it, and how much better Netherite tools are than their diamond equivalents.

How to get Netherite in Minecraft 1.16

Netherite Ingots can only be found as a rare loot drop in the chests inside Bastion Remnants, or by smelting Ancient Debris blocks into Netherite Scraps, which in turn can be turned into Netherite Ingots.

Ancient Debris spawns in small mineral veins in the Nether, and can only be mined with a Diamond or Netherite Pickaxe. They are most commonly found around layer 15 of the Nether. Most Ancient Debris veins you’ll find will only contain 1-3 Ancient Debris blocks, so you may need to find several veins before you have enough to start smelting the scraps into Netherite Ingots.

Here’s what Ancient Debris looks like:

Minecraft Netherite: Ancient Debris

Once you have 4 Netherite Scraps, you can place them in a crafting table with 4 Gold Ingots to craft one Netherite Ingot. It doesn’t matter how you place them in the crafting table, because it’s a shapeless recipe.

How to craft a Netherite Ingot

How to craft Netherite Tools

Once you have Netherite Ingots, you can craft Netherite Tools. Unlike other tiers of tools and armor, you don’t make Netherite gear purely from Netherite. Instead, you must use a Smithing Table to upgrade a piece of Diamond gear into Netherite gear:

Doing this will preserve your Diamond item’s durability, name, and enchantments. But it’ll turn it into the Netherite version, which is slightly better even than Diamond!

Note: you can occasionally find a Smithing Table inside toolsmith houses in Minecraft villages, or you can craft one yourself out of 2 Iron Ingots and 4 Wooden Planks (of any kind):

Minecraft Smithing Table crafting recipe

Netherite vs Diamond

So exactly how much better is Netherite gear than Diamond gear? Is it worth the grind? Below I’ve detailed the exact differences between Netherite tools and armor, and their Diamond equivalents:

  • All Netherite Tools and Armor are impervious to fire/lava. If you die in lava, when you return you’ll find your Netherite items floating safely on the surface (until they despawn, of course!).
  • Netherite Tools (Sword, Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, and Hoe) deal 1 extra point of damage compared to their Diamond equivalents.
  • Netherite Harvesting Tools (Pickaxe, Shovel, Axe, and Hoe) harvest most things slightly faster than their Diamond equivalents (0.05 or 0.1 seconds faster in most cases).
  • Netherite Armor has the same armor level as Diamond, but each piece provides one additional point of Armor Toughness (3 instead of 2 per piece).
    • This means Netherite Armor will protect you slightly more than Diamond Armor against hard-hitting attacks.
  • Netherite Armor also provides additional Knockback Resistance, which means you’re less likely to be battered into lava by that nearby Piglin.
  • Netherite Tools and Armor have greater durability than their Diamond equivalents. Below you can see how many hits each piece of Armor can take before breaking:
    • Netherite/Diamond Helmet: 407/363
    • Netherite/Diamond Chestplate: 592/528
    • Netherite/Diamond Leggings: 555/495
    • Netherite/Diamond Boots: 481/429

Personally, I feel like the difference between Netherite gear and Diamond gear should be quite a bit higher than this, to make up for all the grinding you’ll have to go through to kit yourself out in full Netherite. But at least it provides players with a new endgame goal, and gives those who complete that goal a slight edge over those still stuck in the Diamond tier.

Minecraft Lodestone

Another noteworthy thing about Netherite Ingots is that you can use one to craft the new Lodestone block, by surrounding one Netherite Ingot with Chiseled Stone Bricks, like so:

Minecraft Lodestone crafting recipe

Lodestones are pretty cool. Once you’ve placed one in the world (whether the Overworld, the Nether, or the End), you can right-click on the block with a compass in your hand, and the compass will from that point onwards always point towards the Lodestone.

It’s also worth noting that you can occasionally find Lodestones inside chests in Bastion Remnants in the Nether, so if you’re lucky you might be saved the trouble of crafting one yourself!

And with that we’ll wrap up this quick guide to Netherite in Minecraft. Hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two about the new highest tier of item in Minecraft 1.16. But that’s not all we have to share on Minecraft: take a look at the below guides and see if anything piques your interest!

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