Mod Appreciation Week 2020

Mod Appreciation Week for 2020 has come around! Now in its 6th consecutive year running, it’s time once again to share your favourite mods with your peers and show their creators how much you loved playing them! Given how much volunteer time goes into every mod’s creation, we know these hard-working modders would love nothing more than to hear how much you appreciated their work.

All you need to do is make the effort to shout out your favorite mods, whether they’re hosted on ModDB or otherwise. Tweet them, blog about them or share them on Facebook, with the hashtag: #modlove2020 and a link to the mods profile!

Get involved

All mod profiles will now show the Mod Appreciation Week banner. Just click any of the links provided, and tweet, post, or share the link to the mod’s profile to show your appreciation for it. You can also follow these steps:

  1. It doesn’t matter where your favorite mod is hosted be it on Run Shoot Think Live, GameBanana, Curse, Steam Workshop, Nexus or ModDB.
  2. Copy its URL then write a post explaining why you like that mod (you could write this post on your blog, in a forum, a tweet or Facebook post); the more we share, the better!
  3. Tell us about your post by linking to it in the comments here. We want to share in your appreciation.
  4. At the end of the week we shall be picking a few lucky members who left a comment following these rules at random, and give them a key to one of the games listed below as thanks for helping us celebrate mods!

Game giveaway

We have partnered up with some friends of ModDB (want in?) – developers whose games have always been mod-friendly and deserve our love for supporting the mod scene, and will be giving them away to participants. We’ve got a handful of keys for the games listed below – just follow the steps above to be eligible to win!

Game developers, do you share our passion for mods and want to giveback? Get in touch and we will add your game to our #modlove collection. We promise to promote your game whenever we run an event like this, by giving away a handful of keys each time to the participants.

Win games

After you have linked to a mod in a tweet, blog, forum or facebook post, let us know by leaving a comment with a link to your post. At the end of the week we shall be picking a few members at random who followed these rules, and will send them a key from one of the above games.

Coming Jun 1, 2020

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