Model Slams Fashion Industry on TikTok After Casting Director Critiqued Her Body Weight, Asked to ‘See Bones’ – Yahoo Lifestyle

Model Anna Gantt is making headlines after posting a vulnerable TikTok video this week that has since received 12.5 million views in just one day. In the post, the 22-year-old, who has been modeling since 2014, slammed the fashion industry after a casting call that left her “heartbroken.”

“I’m tired of casting directors making me and girls who are naturally curvy… not good enough,” she said on TikTok.

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In the casting, Gantt said the producer and casting director expressed that she was not ‘waify enough’. “‘We want to see your bones. The shoot is in early December. You can lose weight,’” the model recalled the conversation through tears.

Gantt added that she has suffered from an eating disorder for years, but has since gained 35 pounds over five years and is healthy and confident with her body. Although, she described her current size, 4/6, is not up to standards for the fashion industry.

“I started out as a 0/2. I’m a 4/6. I’m s—t on everyday because I’m not a skeleton and I’m not unhealthy anymore,” she said as she removed her sweater to show her body. “F—k modeling, f—k fashion, f—k the industry. I’m too small for plus size, I’m too big for whatever the f—ck standard 0/2 is. I’m literally thin. I’m small and I’m not good enough. I’m too big.”

Since the post went viral, Gantt has received an overwhelming positive reaction. It has received more than 40,000 comments, including one from fellow model Tess Holiday. She said, “You’re stunning. The industry needs to change, not you.”

The Council of Fashion Designers of America also chimed in in the comments section, adding, “This is heartbreaking. You are beautiful.”

On Thursday night, Gantt took to Instagram Stories to respond to her supporters, writing: “The past 12 hours have changed my career. Body positivity is so important to me, and I shared a very traumatic experience on TikTok, which has circulated further than I could have expected. I’m a genuine person who wants best for models in fashion.”

Gantt has not revealed the brand that casting was for. FN has reached out for comment.

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