Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord companions: where to find them and why you need them

All the companion stats

Recruiting people to your cause in Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord is key to achieving your goals, whatever they may be. The most valuable people in your army will be companions, who are people that can be assigned roles and who can be upgraded in similar ways to your player controlled character.

Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord companions guide

Finding them in the first place is a challenge, but once you have them you’ll likely want more specialised companions to fill out your army. This Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord companions guide will teach you how to get companions on your side and give you all the companion’s stats.

What do companions do in Bannerlord?

Companions are specialised units that take a slot in your army, though what exactly they can do is initially unclear. Thankfully on their Reddit post, “ImAShaaaark” has put together details on companions and their labels. The labels indicate what base stats they have and what traits they have been assigned. Traits are separate stats that affect things like negotiations in quests.

All of this can have a huge effect on what role they’re best suited to within your army, whether it is as a soldier on the front line, or as a tactician or quartermaster.

How to recruit companions in Bannerlord

It’s not obvious how to get a companion for your army in Bannerlord, but once you know, it is rather simple. Simply head into a large town or settlement and click the option available to travel to the tavern. When inside, you’ll find a bunch of NPCs to talk to. One of them will be named and it’s usually something like “[Name] the [Label]“.

Talking to them will give you an insight into their background, but you’ll also get the option to ask them to join you. You’ll need to settle their debts by paying some gold, but once you do, you’ll have a new companion to join your entourage.

Assigning companions a role

Once recruited, companions can be upgraded in much the same way as you. Some actions can only be upgraded if set in a particular role, so if they are a Quartermaster, their Steward skill will increase.

To set a companion’s role, go into the clans tab (K) and select the companion you wish to allocate a position. Then click on Clan Role and select the option.

  • Scout
  • Engineer
  • Quartermaster
  • Surgeon

Best Bannerlord companions

Several companions are really good at managing parties. Once you reach clan tier 2, you can create a new party for them to lead. Here are the best companions you can have lead parties.

  • “the Falcon”: has Tactics skill of 100.
  • “the Prince”: has Roguery skill of 140.
  • “the Surgeon”: has Medicine skill of 80.
  • “the Engineer”: has Engineering skill of 80.
  • “the Swift”: has Steward skill of 80.
  • “the Swordsman”: this companion is really good with weapon-related skills.
  • “the Shieldmaiden”: this companion is really good with weapon-related skills.

The best two companions you can recruit to govern your towns or manage your caravans are “the Swift” and “the Spicevendor”. You can also marry Sora and have her govern a town as her Steward skill is huge. Look at our Bannerlord marriage guide to learn how to marry her.

All the Bannerlord companion stats

You can find out a little about the available companions by looking at the Encyclopedia by pressing the N key. Search for one of the label you seek and you should get an idea of where they are. Click the place name and the little circle on the Encyclopedia page to mark that companion’s location on your map. Check often as companions do tend to move around the world map.

Not all of the companions are in the game, but more will be coming soon. To make it easier for you to know what you are searching for in the Encyclopedia, I’ve put together the list of all the current companion labels, their traits in brackets, and the base stats they have.

We are displaying their stats shown in the Encyclopedia in the format below to avoid any confusion:

  • Vigor: One handed/Two handed/Polearm
  • Control: Bow/Crossbow/Throwing
  • Endurance: Riding/Athletics/Smithing
  • Cunning: Scouting/Tactics/Roguery
  • Social: Charm/Leadership/Trade
  • Intelligence: Steward/Medicine/Engineering

Companion type list

Generic warriors

“the Shieldmaiden” (honest/daring/cruel), “the Red” (devious/daring),”Coalbiter” (Cruel/Daring/Generous)

  • Vigor: 150/200/140
  • Control: 105/80/100
  • Endurance: 100/100/0

“The wanderer” (daring)

  • Vigor: 150/150/170
  • Control: 115/100/100
  • Endurance: 100/90/0

“Breakskull” (daring/cruel)

  • Vigor: 120/170/110
  • Control: 80/60/80
  • Endurance: 80/80/0

“the Wronged” (honest)

  • Vigor: 120/120/120
  • Control: 100/80/80
  • Endurance: 80/80/0

the Wronged”(honest/cruel)

  • Vigor: 90/90/90
  • Control: 65/110/0


“the lucky” (generous/daring)

  • Vigor: 90/90/90
  • Control: 75/60/60
  • Endurance: 60/60/0
  • Cunning: 0/60/0

“Bloodaxe” (Honest/Calculating)

  • Vigor: 90/90/90
  • Control: 75/60/60
  • Endurance: 60/60/0


“Frostbeard” (daring/merciful/generous)

  • Vigor: 90/0/60
  • Control: 135/60/60
  • Endurance: 60/80/0
  • Cunning: 80/0/0

“the fish” (generous/devious)

  • Vigor: 90/90/90
  • Control: 75/60/60
  • Endurance: 60/60/0
  • Cunning: 60/0/0


“the Healer” (devious), “Willowbark” (merciful)

  • Vigor: 60/60/60
  • Intelligence: 0/60/0


“The Black” (Generous/Daring)

  • Vigor: 120/120/120
  • Control: 90/130/70
  • Endurance: 60/70/0

“Longknife” (generous/devious), “Accursed” (closefisted/honest/daring/merciful)

  • Vigor: 90/90/90
  • Control: 75/60/60
  • Endurance: 60/60/0
  • Cunning: 0/0/60

“The Robber” (Generous/devious/merciful)

  • Vigor: 90/70/70
  • Control: 75/0/90
  • Endurance: 60/90/0
  • Cunning: 0/0/60

Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord guide series

Thank you for reading our Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord companions guide. We hope that it has helped you in finding the companions you want in your army.

There are plenty more guides for the game, including details for character creation, as well as all the console commands and cheats you’ll ever need. Here are some guides to get you started:

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