Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord skills: tips for character creation

Edge Placement I One-handed 25 +4% one-handed weapon damage Extra HP I One-handed 25 +3 HP Raider I One-handed 50 +4% weapon speed bonus if one-handed weapon is equipped Shield Bash I One-handed 50 Shield Bash causes +50% damage. Bruiser I One-handed 75 +10% damage if one-handed mace is equipped Long Strides One-handed 75 Half weight effect of shields on movement speed in combat. Bulwark I One-handed 100 -25% to damage received to shields Sword Master I One-handed 100 +8% damage if one-handed sword weapon equipped. Arrow Catcher One-handed 125 Larger shield protection area against ranged weapons on shields. Edge Placement II One-handed 125 +5% one-handed damage. Bulwark II One-handed 150 -25% to damage received to shields Bury the Hatchet One-handed 150 +10% damage if one-handed axe is equipped. Sword Master II One-handed 175 +10% damage if one-handed sword is equipped. Shield Bash II One-handed 175 Shield Bash causes an additional +50% damage Raider II One-handed 200 +4% weapon speed bonus if one-handed weapon is equipped Duelist One-handed 225 +10% damage when wielding a one-handed weapon without a shield. Basher One-handed 225 +20% damage and extended stun duration with Shield Bashes. Steel Core Shields One-handed 250 -15% damage to shields. Secondary Experts One-handed 250 +10% damage with axes and maces. Shield Bearer One-handed 275 Shields don’t affect character’s combat weight. Extra HP Two-handed 25 +3 HP Extra Damage Two-handed 25 +1.5 extra two-handed damage Garrison Capacity Two-handed 50 +10 garrison limit Reduced Wage Two-handed 50 -5% garrison wages Power Basher Two-handed 75 +2% speed and +5% damage to two handed weapons with less than 85 speed Speed Basher Two-handed 75 +1% speed and +2% damage to two handed weapons with more than 100 speed Notorious Two-handed 100 +10% renown gain after battles Quick Plunder Two-handed 100 +5% raiding speed Multi-hit Two-handed 125 +40% hit damage for secondary successful hits Edge Placement Two-handed 125 +3% cut damage Shield Breaker Two-handed 150 +10% damage against shields Eviscerator Two-handed 150 +30% morale loss to enemies when using two handed weapons Mounted Two Handed Two-handed 175 Lower attack penalty while mounted Berserker Two-handed 175 Speed bonus modifier increased while player is on foot Legendary Two Handed Two-handed 200 Enemy begins with -1 morale Inspiring Leader Two-handed 200 +40% XP gain for up to 5 troops within a 10m radius whenever you defeat an enemy Horse Slaughter Two-handed 225 +20% damage to horses Vandal Two-handed 225 +40% damage to objects Dominator Two-handed 250 +10% chance to crush through with two handed weapons Knock Down Two-handed 250 Increased chance to knock down an enemy with a successful attack Two Handed Mastery Two-handed 275 +0.2% speed and +0.5% damage for every skill point beyond 200. Deflect Arrows Two-handed 275 A chance to block arrows with two handed weapons Extra HP Polearm 25 +3 HP Standard Bearer Polearm 50 +15% morale to troops in formation at the start of battle Horse Killer Polearm 75 +70% damage to horses Footwork Polearm 75 +2% combat movement speed while wielding a polearm Lancer Polearm 100 +30 couched lance damage Push Back Polearm 125 Enemies are pushed back when blocking polearm thrust attacks with shields Powerful Thrust Polearm 150 +2% thrust damage with polearms Howling Swing Polearm 150 +2% swing damage with polearms Expert Infantry Polearm 175 +2% damage with polearms while on foot Expert Cavalry Polearm 175 +2% damage with polearms while on horseback Rapid Lancer Polearm 200 Reduced cooldown for couching lances Keep at Bay Polearm 225 Push opponents with successful attacks Slaughter Polearm 250 Faster swings with polearms Tight Grip Polearm 275 +30% couched lance damage Marksman Bow 25 +10% accuracy with bows Strong Pull Bow 50 +15% to hold aim duration Faster Aim Bow 50 +10% arrow readying speed Marsh Hunter Bow 75 +0.5% food in marshes Forest Hunter Bow 75 +0.5% food in forests Mounted Archer Bow 100 Can use any bow on horseback Large Quiver Bow 100 +3 extra arrows per quiver Intimidate Archers Bow 125 -2 morale for enemy archers at the start of battle Intimidate Infantry Bow 125 -2 morale for enemy infantry at the start of battle Merry Men Bow 150 +3 party size Instructor Bow 175 An archer in your party with a lower bow skill gets bow XP while waiting Instinctive Shot Bow 200 +10% faster to max aiming accuracy Battle Equipped Bow 200 +6 extra arrows per quiver Howling Bolt Bow 225 +3% flight speed and +7% damage for arrows Pick Targets Bow 225 +10% accuracy for nearby troops Ranger Bow 250 The player is better at firing arrows while moving Archery Renown Bow 275 -30% ranged unit recruitment cost Fast Reload Crossbow 25 +10% reload speed Hasty Reload Crossbow 50 +15% reload speed Crossbow Cavalry Crossbow 75 Reload any crossbow on horseback Plain Hunter Crossbow 100 +0.5 food on grasslands Improved Aim Crossbow 125 +10% faster to max aiming accuracy Maintenance Crossbow 150 +7% damage Recruiter Crossbow 175 -20% crossbow unit recruitment cost Renowned Marksman Crossbow 200 +5% post-battle XP for all ranged troops Volley Commander Crossbow 225 +10% reload speed for all ranged troops Without Honor Crossbow 250 +20% damage to enemies hit from behind Bone Bolts Crossbow 275 -1 enemy morale for each unit you kill with a crossbow Steady Hand Throwing 25 +15% accuracy Skull Crusher Throwing 50 +20% headshot damage Fully Armed Throwing 75 +1 extra thrown weapon per pack Skirmishers Throwing 100 +5 party size Concealed Carry Throwing 125 Use throwing weapons while entering settlements as civilians Battle Ready Throwing 150 +2 thrown weapons per pack Master Thrower Throwing 175 +10% weapon flight speed and +20% damage Perfect Accuracy Throwing 200 Increased accuracy Well Prepared Throwing 225 +1 throwing weapon ammo for troops Mounted Thrower Throwing 250 Reduced horseback penalty to thrown weapons Running Throw Throwing 275 No penalty when throwing weapons while moving Vigorous Riding 25 +6% horse HP Spare Arrows Riding 50 +3 arrows in quivers when starting battles on horseback Spare Throwing Weapon Riding 50 +1 throwing weapon when starting battles on horseback Squires Riding 75 +2 party size Sharpshooter Riding 75 +15% accuracy on horseback Mounted Archer Riding 100 -10% ranged attack penalty on horseback Cavalry Riding 100 -10% melee attack penalty on horseback Bow Expert Riding 125 Use any bow on horseback Crossbow Expert Riding 125 Use any crossbow on horseback Horse Grooming Riding 150 +50% production in horse farms Conroi Riding 175 +4 party size Trampler Riding 200 +50% charge damage Iron Steed Riding 225 -50% chance a horse is lamed when wounded Filled to Brim Riding 250 +20 carrying capacity for pack animals Nomadic Traditions Riding 275 +30% mounted unit speed Extra Arrows Athletics 25 +2 arrows in quivers when starting a battle on foot Extra Throwing Weapon Athletics 25 +1 throwing weapon quantity when starting a battle on foot Close Quarters Training Athletics 50 +2 melee damage while on foot Ranged Training Athletics 50 +2 ranged damage while on foot Endurance Athletics 75 +4% HP Dexterous Athletics 75 +3% movement speed Powerkick Athletics 100 Increased kick damage In Good Shape Athletics 125 +2% foot soldier HP Furious Speed Athletics 150 +10% foot soldiers speed Salt the Wound Athletics 175 Extra damage while lower than half max HP Unburdened Athletics 200 Lower penalty for being over-encumbered Peak Form Athletics 225 +10% HP Spartan Athletics 250 -5% party food consumption and wages Mighty Blow Athletics 275 Bashes and kicks knock enemies down Efficient Iron Maker Smithing 25 3x Crude Iron for 1x Iron Ore Efficient Charcoal Maker Smithing 25 2x Charcoal for 1x Hardwood Steel Maker Smithing 50 2x Iron into 1x Steel. 1x Crude Iron by-product Curious Smelter Smithing 50 +100% chance to learn new designs while smelting Steel Maker II Smithing 75 2x Steel into 1x Fine Steel.
1x Crue Iron by-product Curious Smith Smithing 75 +100% chance to learn new designs while smithing Steel Maker III Smithing 100 2x Fine Steel into Thamaskene Steel.
1x Crude Iron by-product Experienced Smith Smithing 100 +10% chance to craft “fine” weapon if difficulty requirements are met Practical Refiner Smithing 125 -50% stamina cost to refining Practical Smelter Smithing 125 -50% stamina cost to smelting Vigorous Smith Smithing 150 +1 Vigor Strong Smith Smithing 150 +1 Strength Practical Smith Smithing 175 -50% stamina cost to smithing Artisan Smith Smithing 175 -50% penalty when trading smithed weapons Master Smith Smithing 200 +10% masterwork weapon crafting chance if difficulty requirements are met Enduring Smith Smithing 225 +1 Endurance Fencer Smith Smithing 225 +1 focus points for One-handed and Two-handed skills Sharpened Edge Smithing 250 +2% cut damage for crafted weapons Sharpened Tip Smithing 250 +2% thrust damage for crafted weapons Legendary Smith Smithing 275 +5% legendary weapon crafting chance if difficulty requirements are met, that is increased +1% for every smithing skill point above 300. Pathfinder Scouting 25 +2% party movement speed during daytime Night Vision Scouting 25 +2% party movement speed during nighttime Navigator Scouting 50 +1% party movement speed Investigator Scouting 75 Tracks give more information Farsighted Scouting 100 Increased chance to spot other roaming parties Eye for Ambush Scouting 125Q Spot hideouts from further away Forest Lore Scouting 150 +5% movement speed and -50% food consumption while on forests Desert Lore Scouting 150 +5% movement speed and -50% food consumption while on deserts Hills Lore Scouting 175 +5% movement speed and -50% food consumption while on hills Marshes Lore Scouting 175 +5% movement speed and -50% food consumption while on marshes Forced March Scouting 200 Bonus speed with high party morale Grassland Navigator Scouting 225 +5% movement speed while in grasslands Healthy Scout Scouting 250 +8% HP Lay of the Land Scouting 275 +3% movement speed on map Companion Cavalry Tactics 25 +10% enemy morale loss with cavalry attacks Tactical Superiority Tactics 50 +5% troop damage in simulations One Step Ahead Tactics 75 Place all troops before battles begin Logistics Tactics 100 +20% ammo for ranged units Ambush Specialists Tactics 125 +60% archer damage in simulations while in forests Phalanx Tactics 150 +50% infantry damage vs cavalry in simulations Hammer & Anvil Tactics 150 +50% cavalry damage vs archers in simulations Elusive Tactics 175 -50% troops left behind when retreating Swift Regroup Tactics 200 -50% disorganised duration Bait Tactics 225 +30% reinforcement distance for allies Trusted Commander Tactics 250 Reduced army cohesion decay Rational Leader Tactics 275 Decreased army supply consumption and disorganised duration Raiding Party Roguery 25 +10% faster village raids Eye for Loot Roguery 25 +5% loot from village raids Commanding Presence Roguery 50 Lower relationship penalty when using intimidation For the Thrill Roguery 75 +10% morale from raiding villages Scavenger Roguery 100 More loot from enemies Concealed Blade Roguery 125 Can use one handed weapons as a civilian Slip Into Shadows Roguery 125 -20% chance of being caught while sneaking in towns Negotiator Roguery 150 +50% easier bribes Briber Roguery 150 Higher chance a bribe option appears in dialogue Camoflague Roguery 175 -10% chance to alarm enemy settlements when passing nearby Escape Artists Roguery 200 +30% faster when escaping captivity Bribe Master Roguery 225 -50% bribe amount Slave Trader Roguery 250 +20% better deals with ransom broker Merry Men Roguery 275 Recruit bandits to party Ice Breaker Charm 25 +10% chance to gain +2 relations when introducing yourself to lords Diplomacy Charm 25 -15% barter penalty Adventure Stories Charm 50 +1 renown for each issue resolved Show Your Scars Charm 50 +20% more renown from battles Forgivable Grievances Charm 75 -20% persuasion critical failure chance Meaningful Favors Charm 75 +10% chance to have doubled persuasion success In Bloom Charm 100 +20% relationship gain with those of the opposite gender Young and Respectful Charm 100 +20% relationship gain with those of the same gender Champion Charm 125 +10 influence from winning tournaments Respectful Opposition Charm 125 +30% chance to negate relationship penalty from kingdom decisions Effort For The People Charm 150 +10% chance for governor to gain +1 relation with random notable person (lord or noble) per day Promoter Charm 150 +1 notable relations with settlement owner for every project completed Our Great Leader Charm 175 +20% influence from personal actions Pro Familia Charm 175 Clan member parties gain +10% influence from actions Moral Leader Charm 200 +10 security bonus for towns Natural Leader Charm 200 +10 loyalty bonus for towns Courtship Charm 225 +1 influence per day for each allied lord’s party not currently in an army, and while waiting in the same town Parade Charm 225 +5 loyalty per day when you visit your settlements Charm Charm 250 This perk is not currently enabled Immortal Charm Charm 275 +1 influence per day for every 5 charm skill points after 250 Combat Tips Leadership 25 Small XP boost each day to your party Raise the Meek Leadership 25 Medium XP boost each day for troops of tier 1-3 Inspiring Attacker Leadership 50 +20 morale in battles when you’re attacking Star Defender Leadership 50 +20 morale in battles when you’re defending Stiff Upper Lip Leadership 75 +20% security effectiveness of town garrisons Gratitude Leadership 75 +20% town loyalty gain Levy Sergeant Leadership 100 -15% wages for troops of tier 1-4 Veterans Respect Leadership 100 -15% wages for troops of tier 4-6 Dispenser of Justice Leadership 125 +5 town security while waiting Disciplinarian Leadership 125 Convert bandits into regular troops Drill Master Leadership 150 +20% XP for garrison Citizen Militia Leadership 150 +20% chance that militia spawns with more experienced troops Inspiring Leader Leadership 175 -20% influence needed to call parties to army Assuring Presence Leadership 175 -20% army cohesion decay Public Talker Leadership 200 +10% more effective boosts from forum, festival, arena, temple, and market place Inspiring Warrior Leadership 200 +20% faster notable recruit replenishment Swords As Tribute Leadership 225 +20% XP for heroes under your command Companions Leadership 225 +20% XP for troops under your command Leader Leadership 250 This perk is not currently enabled Ultimate Leader Leadership 275 +1 party capacity for every leadership skill point above 250 Appraiser Trade 25 +5% selling price for your equipment and profits are marked Whole Seller Trade 25 +5% selling price for your trade goods and profits are marked Caravan Master Trade 50 -20% wages for caravans and +30% party carry weight Town Merchant Trade 50 -20% wages for workshops and +30% party carry weight Traveling Rumors Trade 75 Caravans gather trade rumours and mark item prices relative to the average price Local Connection Trade 75 Workshops gather trade rumours and mark item prices relative to the average price Distributed Goods Trade 100 +10 income for every villager party that enters town Toll Gates Trade 100 +25 income for every caravan that enters town Artisan Community Trade 125 +1 renown for every profitable shop you own Great Investor Trade 125 +1 renown for every profitable caravan you own Village Connections Trade 150 +25% workshop production Content Trades Trade 150 +10% tariff income Insurance Plans Trade 175 Caravans have more elite troops and return 5000 gold when destroyed Rapid Development Trade 175 +70% town taxes while waiting and shops give 5000 gold when captured by an enemy Granary Accountant Trade 200 +20% production for grain, olive, fish, and dates in “bound villages” Tradeyard Foreman Trade 200 +20% production for clay, iron, raw silk, and silver in “bound villages” Everything Has a Price Trade 225 Trade settlements while bartering Influential Trader Trade 250 Caravans and workshops generate influence Mercenary Trader Trade 275 +15 party size Tax Collector Steward 25 +10% tax from villages Supreme Authority Steward 25 +1 influence if you’re a ruler Agriculture Steward 50 +30% farm production Prominence Steward 50 +1 influence if you’re a vassal Nourish Settlement Steward 75 Quadruple settlement prosperity growth while you wait there Warmonger Steward 75 Less influence needed to summon vassals for war Bannerlord Steward 100 +2 party size for each fief you own Logistics Expert Steward 100 Parties in armies you lead move faster Prosperous Reign Steward 125 Double village growth rate War Rations Steward 125 -20% food consumption Enhanced Mines Steward 150 +50% tax income from mines Swords As Tribute Steward 150 +10 party size for every vassal
Does not work Man-At-Arms Steward 175 +5 party size for each fief you own.
Does not work Mount Expert Steward 175 -10% trade penalty for horses Reeve Steward 200 +1 companion
Does not work Stand United Steward 200 If you’re leading a siege, any party that leaves or enters the area must engage your army first Food Rationing Steward 225 -40% food consumption in a settlement while you’re under siege Assessor Steward 225 +10% taxes from villages Ruler Steward 250 +1 companion for each town you own Agrarian Steward 250 +30% farm production Reconstruction Steward 275 Faster recovery for villages after being raided Self Medication Medicine 25 +10% character healing rate Preventative Medicine Medicine 25 +10% HP Triage Tent Medicine 50 +20% healing rate for party while stationary on world map Walk It Off Medicine 50 +10% healing rate for party while moving on the world map Mobile Aid Medicine 75 -50% party speed penalty due to wounded members Doctor’s Oath Medicine 75 Medicine recovery chance also applies to enemies Best Medicine Medicine 100 +10% healing rate when at high morale Good Lodging Medicine 100 +10% healing rate when resting in towns Siege Medic Medicine 125 +30% chance of siege bombardment casualties being wounded instead of being killed Pristine Streets Medicine 150 +1 settlement prosperity each day Bush Doctor Medicine 150 +20% village hearth growth rate and +20% party healing rate when waiting in villages Perfect Health Medicine 175 +20% clan member fertility Health Advice Medicine 175 +10% clan life expectancy Physician of People Medicine 200 +1 settlement loyalty each day Clean Infrastructure Medicine 200 +1 prosperity each day for every town project related to health and sanitation Cheat Death Medicine 225 One-time chance to avoid death when terminally ill Fortitude Tonic Medicine 225 -50% chance of heroes dying in battle Horse Healer Medicine 250 +30% chance per day for a lame horse to recover Minister of Health Medicine 275 Troops gain bonus HP before battles Construction Expert Engineering 25 +30% construction speed for castles and walls Ballistics Engineering 50 +30% catapult effectiveness Imperial Fire Engineering 75 Enables construction of fire-throwing siege engines Improved Masonry Engineering 100 Stronger fortifications Armorcraft Engineering 125 +10% armour effectiveness Good Materials Engineering 150 +20% HP for siege engines Heavier Siege Engines Engineering 175 +20% increased bombardment damage vs other siege engines Wall Breaker Engineering 200 Increased damage to walls during sieges Resolute Engineering 225 Lower morale loss during sieges Builder Engineering 250 1.5x building development speed Everyday Engineer Engineering 275 +60% effectiveness for default town projects

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