MSNBC Anchor Tiffany Cross on Kamala Harris and Fashion – Who What Wear

Ever since the Black Lives Matter movement last summer, so many industries (the fashion industry included) have really woken up to racial inequalities, and there are great efforts being made to be much more inclusive. How can we all ensure that everyone stays engaged with this and continues to make it a priority?

I hope power brokers lean into spaces and conversations that make them uncomfortable. Equality doesn’t mean “allowing” people of color access. The rising majority of America is no longer asking; we are actively shifting power. From runways to boardrooms to the federal government, we are creating spaces where we are the decision-makers. As we take the helm it’s imperative that every industry acknowledge their exploitative cultures of prejudice, appropriation, tokenism, and discrimination. Black women are core consumers in the fashion market with a $1.5 trillion buying power. We should certainly be among those leading these conversations and changes.

If you were Kamala Harris’ stylist, what would your main goal be when choosing looks for her?

The Vice President is strikingly beautiful. The power of the patriarchy once made it more challenging for beautiful women to be taken seriously as leaders so some women try to tone down their beauty. It’s impossible for Vice President Harris to do that. I’d put her in beautiful and practical pieces that celebrate every part of her. During the impeachment hearings, Trump’s attorneys kept showing her support for Black Lives Matter in their defense video montage as though it was something controversial. If I could dress her for one event, it would be the next tie-breaking vote that she has to cast in Congress. I’d put her in a Spring 1986 Howard University AKA jacket, a Black Lives Matter T-shirt, pearls, aviators, jeans, and some Chucks. The only thing that would make this better is her strutting on the Senate floor and twirling on her way out as she tossed the peace sign. Fashion can be political. It can also be pretty. I’m here for both.


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