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Fashion has taken over the NBA world.

Nearly every night, basketball players are photographed walking into arenas with what they’re wearing. It’s become an increasingly large aspect of pop culture in sports and an avenue for athletes to express themselves.

Stars around the league such as Damian Lillard are aware of the attention their fits draw when they walk in. Considering that, the Portland Trail Blazers star puts his trust into Erinnicole Goodwin and Desiree’ Atalia of “It’s Goode Clothing” to make sure they’re on point.

NBA players like Lillard come to the consultants when they don’t know what to wear.

The two stylists joined Wosney Lambre on The Ringer’s fashion web show, “Full Court Fits,” to discuss how they make outfit choices for the six-time All-Star and Oakland native.

“Your clothing is just an extension of your brand,” Goodwin said. “These athletes, it’s not just their performance on the court, but also what they look like as they walk around. Our clothing tells us so much about each other before we even speak. If you’re an athlete of such a high caliber and at such a high place in your career, your appearance should always reflect that as well.”

Goodwin and Atalia were asked how they convince athletes from different backgrounds that their suggestions will work.

Atalia shared an example of when Lillard decided to wear a suit against the Los Angeles Lakers in December 2017, where a vest was underneath but no shirt — flaunting his chest, tattoos, and jewelry. She explained that Lillard was skeptical of the suit at first, but he trusted them and wore it. The fit went viral on social media and was a big topic of conversation in the Blazers locker room.

“That was something that we had to talk him into,” Atalia said. “And he was like, ‘I don’t know, guys, that’s a lot of chest.’ And he did it, and it was like, ‘I told you!’”

Atalia went on to share more about Lillard’s preferred style of fashion. She says Lillard enjoys clothing sets and doesn’t care much about the label he wears. Comfort is the most important factor — “comfort is key,” as she put it.

Over his nine-year career in the NBA, Lillard has become known for things outside of basketball, such as music, community work and fashion. Each of those aspects involves working with a team, and Goodwin and Atalia have made that easier for him in the fashion space.

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