New patch! Logical gates! Neon lights, teleporter and much more!

Link of the patch :

Hello! Long time since the last time i updated this page. Sorry!

I hope you like to get your brain working! But don’t worry, this feature is not essential to progress in the game.

ps : A knowledge of logic gates is required to fully utilize the capabilities of this feature!


  • Ancient technology based on the soul energy: access to craft table and new “tutorial rooms” requires a new world (at least to get the craft table, you can return to your world after that). You can find every time a very basic tutorial + the craft table near the sand dungeon entrance.
  • 37 different magitech objects with :
    – The ability to store/backup souls so you can die without regrets
    – Teleporters, up to 255 destinations
    – Souls farming with soul harvester and soul crystalizer
    – Lights and displays
    – Inputs, buttons, detectors, and outputs
    – Basic logic gates and “high level” logic gates (like memories) for binary logic
    – Special components for “analog” logic
  • You can recycle elemental swords with the fundry
  • Some bugfix (UI problems etc)

Tutorial!(you still need to understand the basic of logical gates first

Teleporter! Up to 255 destinations possible

User Posted Image

16 segments display – Use logical gates

User Posted Image

Neon lights!
User Posted Image

Presence detector
User Posted Image

ps² : The next patch will be about building feature! (Painting, new ui for building/paint etc…)

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