New Video! Modding Series Part 3: Custom Units

The latest video in our “Creating a Medieval Mod From Scratch” video series is live! In Part 3, we walk through the process of bringing in custom units into the game, no code required. If you’ve ever wanted to try and build your own strategy game with your own art and units, this video is definitely for you. Hope you enjoy!

[embedded content]

In case you missed the announcement on our Twitter or Discord channel, we’re kicking up a new series of streams where we walk through all the mechanics in Cantata by making a mod for the game! We’ll eventually touch on every system in the game, and thought what better way to show you what the game is capable of then just making a mod together that uses all the systems!

Our next stream will be 4/14/21 @ 11AM EST, streaming both to our steam page, our Youtube channel, as well as on our Twitch channel,

Enjoy the above video and hope to see you at the next one!

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